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agent.jpgLocation: Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Please don’t email me and ask whether we know each other because the truth is that I’d rather not.)

Age: 33 years old, dammit

Heritage: 1/2 Italian, 1/4 Japanese, 1/4 Irish

Education: B.A. in English Literature, J.D. in Law

Movies: I am a Senior Film Critic for Pajiba. In my experience, most films these days could suck the chrome off a bicycle. My favourite genres are horror (Bryan Bertino!), cyberpunk, neo-noir, and all that crap.

Turn-Offs: Jerks who talk in movie theaters, those who claim to be “open minded” yet fail to see their own myopia, chaos of any sort, self-aggrandizing types, emotional fuckwits, Vincent Gallo, Lindsay Lohan.

Turn-Ons: Running, abstract expressionistic art, cake frosting, Clive Owen, Michael Fassbender, Shirley Manson, Henry Rollins, Leonard Cohen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, movies directed by Quentin Tarantino. I am pathetically addicted to my Mac.

Miscellany: My navel is pierced, though I have no tattoos. I get horrible headaches if I don’t eat something every few hours. Since the age of eighteen, I have followed a vegetarian diet.

On Politics: As perhaps the only person who would support Dennis Miller for President, I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I’ve cast aside the Libertarian party because in politics, to divide is not to conquer. In summary, I vote Republican, but please don’t ask me about it. This isn’t a political blog and I have no desire to argue that irrelevant crap with you, who will never change your ways or beliefs. My mind is not so deluded to think that I can change the world by arguing politics online, and I won’t entertain your need to push people’s buttons. Go argue elsewhere, jackass.

On Writing: Quite often, people tell me that my writing style is edgy or avant-garde. My method of writing might be slightly unique, but of course, I don’t find it to be, since I have to live in my head. Methinks that I say what many people think already but do not articulate. Of course, I could be wrong about that assumption.

Writing will always be a part of my person, and though I cannot in a straightforward manner forge new paths through political and cultural schools of thought, parody will always be the dark horse in blogdom. Words can metaphorically speak to culture and politics to call out the manic excesses of these institutions, and wordsmiths can twist the ordinary so that it appears vibrant and magnetic. In film, Tarantino achieves brilliance by using the most ordinary to create something inherently original without always escaping into the closet of intellectual pretensions. Some readers get this, which I suppose is key to building a following even while my very questionable language offends others. Somehow I can dive into even a nightmare and comes up with something slightly amusing. After all, I would be awfully disappointed if nobody laughed.


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