A Much Too Happy Family

By Mr. Atoz in Jonas Brothers, Smoking Bolts


It’s all fun and games until someone pokes their own eyes out. The technically virginal Jonas Brothers got to know their TV mom (Rebecca Creskoff) a whole lot better than they expected when they decided to watch Creskoff’s guest appearance on HBO’s Hung. For those who haven’t seen the show, it’s about a high school basketball coach moonlighting as a male whore, and the title pretty much says it all. At any rate, the Jonai were more than a little surprised to see Mom show up as one of Coach’s horny clients, particularly when she flipped up her skirt and gave them—and everyone else watching–a clear full-frontal view:

Kevin, Joe and Nick never expected to see their TV mom in such an explicit way. They kept saying things like, “We know she’s not really our mom, but it was still weird. It just didn’t seem right to see so much of her!”

Supposedly, that’s the point when the brothers switched channels and watched whatever the hell guys like these normally watch on television. Evidently Hung will have to wait until they’ve decided to take off their purity rings. And it seems clear their TV family won’t be turning into the Brady bunch.


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09.16.09 | 7:35 pm

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09.17.09 | 4:48 am

Yeah, yeah, I’m willing to bet they both noted it was 11 minutes and 23 seconds into the show and mentally made plans for later that night.

09.17.09 | 8:42 am

You know all 3 of them will record it later with their satellite boxes and spank to it in private. Of course, they will all be thinking about Thomas Jane.

09.17.09 | 2:11 pm

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09.17.09 | 3:19 pm
Björn Hergen-Schimpf

When will the Jonas Brothers disappear? Pls… make it happen now.

As for the story… sounds pretty fake, as if those boys changed channels after seeing a woman naked… yeah, right! :roll:

09.18.09 | 7:35 pm

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10.22.09 | 6:16 am

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