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Lohan Flesh Wound

Four years after the disastrous box office implosion of I Know Who Killed Me, the film’s director, Chris Siverton, is pretty much sick and tired of sitting in career hell. Now, Siverton has decided to tell the world just how shitty Lindsay Lohan’s on-set (and, more importantly, the fact that she often wasn’t even on the set at all) behaviour has ruined his own reputation as a filmmaker. In his defense, Siverton had a decent reputation (he won critical raves with his previous effort, The Lost) before crossing ill-fated paths with Lohan, who couldn’t even bother to show herself for the film’s climactic scene. So, they cut/pasted her face onto another actress’ body. Seriously:

Lohan, who actually played the two lead roles, built a veritable skyscraper of trouble on the set, with numerous stints in rehab and other breakdowns. A shoot that was supposed to take a little more than a month lasted four months. “Most days we wouldn’t know what happened [with her],” Sivertson recalls. “We just found out that day.” Forget quality cinema — it was a Herculean challenge just to get the film made. “At some point it became -how can I complete the movie.’ That was my one and only goal: not to have it fall apart.” (Sivertson’s general tenor, it should be noted, was that he sincerely liked Lohan and working with her and doesn’t want to point fingers at anyone but himself for the final product.)

For his climactic scene, in which Lohan’s characters figure prominently, Sivertson didn’t have the star on set. He tried to postpone the shoot but finally couldn’t delay it anymore. So he located his inner MacGyver: He shot the scene with a body double and then grafted on Lohan’s face in post-production.

Okay, that’s kind of creepy, but it partially explains why the climax was so disjointed and made absolutely no sense at all. Then again, I couldn’t pull a coherent story out of the entire damn movie. However, I will say that the movie’s most entertaining scene occurs much earlier and features Lohan, as the “stripper twin,” getting ready to go onstage for some lusty exotic dance — but then her finger just falls off (she sort of freaks out and then shrugs before sticking her finger/hand into a glove and just dances anyway) — was just amazing in its sheer disregard for, uh, reality. Yet I digress.

It’s worth noting (yet again) that Siverton wasn’t the first filmmaker to feel the cumulative inertia of La Lohan. Previously, Lohan had been called out (quite publicly as “irresponsible and unprofessional” during the filming of Georgia Rule, according to the notorious studio letter archived at The Smoking Gun) for clubbing all night and then failing to show up on the set due to “exhaustion” and “dehydration.” Naturally, mother/manager Dina Lohan — who took the perspective that a 19-year old shouldn’t be scolded by anyone and simply allowed to do whatever she pleases — jumped to an unyielding defense of her daughter. Five years later, Dina continues to refers to 23-year old Lindsay as a “child.” Insanity of the Lohan family aside, when a “child” or, in this case, a young adult is set to earn an above-average paycheck, I’d say that the bar of expected behaviour should be well above average as well. In other words, Lohan blew it in a huge way, and there’s just no coming back. Unfortunately, she probably took Siverton with her as well. Good times, mates.

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I R A Darth Aggie

Lohan blew it in a huge way, and there’s just no coming back.

Sure there is. If she doesn’t mind doing pr0n.

05.11.10 | 11:41 am

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