Adam Sandler, Not A Bastard (UPDATE)

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Quentin Tarantino is still doing the casting thing for his upcoming film, Inglorious Bastards, so, naturally, bastard news is still tricking forth from the bastard gossip mill. One casting possibility that’s been floated about for quite a while is Adam Sandler, and Sandler himself now gives the scoop in a video interview:

Sandler had long been rumoured to take a major role in the Tarantino-scripted movie which the director has been planning for nearly a decade.

Asked had he been in talks with Tarantino, he told RTÉ.ie: “Yeah it’s true. It is, and I read the script, it’s fantastic. But I’m shooting at the very same time. I won’t be able to do it. I’m doing a movie with Judd Apatow at the same time so that’s not going to happen, but I did read it. It is awesome.”

He said: “I know Quentin for a long time. We’ve been talking about doing it for years, for like five, six, seven years. Yeah, it’s definitely disappointing. I’d love to do it, but I just can’t.”

Crap. We were sort of looking forward to calling Adam Sandler a bastard. Them’s the breaks.

UPDATE: Oh, fuck. We’re hearing an as-yet-unconfirmed report that Mike Myers may have been cast in some sort of role within Inglorious Bastards. Gawd, please let that rumour be just that. After the soul-crushing experience of reviewing The Love Guru, Myers would be the only reason that would prevent me from seeing a Tarantino flick in the theater. (Well, other than an appearance from Tom Cruise.)

UPDATE 2: Variety, which is pretty much always correct on such matters, confirms Myers’ role as a British general. So, that could very well be the end of our Inglorious Bastards coverage. &#^(@*$!!!


Maybe he’ll die in the first scene? That might not be so bad.

08.14.08 | 6:40 pm

Obviously, you didn’t see The Love Guru

I do realize this sounds drastic, but after that awfulness, I decided that the only reason I’d ever watch Myers on the big screen again would be if I were paid to do so. So unless I’m scheduled to review it, well, you catch my drift.

08.14.08 | 7:09 pm

No, I was not silly enough to see The Love Guru, you are correct. And unless I am paid to do so, I never will. ;)

08.14.08 | 8:25 pm

[...] Adam Sandler tells Quentin Tarantino no can do buddy [...]

08.15.08 | 2:22 am

Damn I was starting to look forward to this movie too.

08.15.08 | 7:43 pm
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10.06.08 | 1:10 pm

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