Ah, The Simple Joys of a Monkee Knife Fight

By Mr. Atoz in Music, Smoking Bolts

Davy Jones

It’s been a while since I thought about the Monkees–quite possibly my entire life, to be perfectly honest–but apparently they’re still around. Kind of old, naturally. And grumpy. Really, really grumpy. And drunk. At least that’s an apt description of former Monkee Davy Jones, judging by his behavior at a concert in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. Audience members began to suspect trouble was coming when they noticed that a) Jones could hardly stand up; and, b) he stopped singing “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” because he couldn’t remember the reindeers’ names:

“The people at the bar were laughing at this point,” Korek said. Then Jones started singing one of the Monkees’ biggest hits, “Daydream Believer.” A minute into the tune, he just stopped singing and started shouting a series of expletives aimed at people in the audience and at Sunbury residewnts in general.

The concert ended with Jones offering to fight the entire audience in front of the hotel where he was performing while his wife tried to drag him off the stage, making this the most entertaining oldies show ever. (And, despite the title, no knives were involved.) Honestly, this story makes it seem worthwhile to stick around for another forty years or so, just to see a similar meltdown from the Jonas Brothers.



Eh I would have fought him in front of his hotel, and probably won. I am woman who recently had spinal surgery but I am a very tricky opponent. Honestly it was probably far more entertaining than his regularly rehearsed shows ever would have been. It’s nice his wife was able to secure the situation with no one being injured, especially the tiny drunken singer.

01.14.10 | 9:15 pm

A friend of mine once saw Davy Jones perform at an oldies show maybe 10 years ago and apparently the guy was lit then, too. I’ve also posted pictures of him on my site before, unbuttoning his shirt and showing his old man boobies off to the audience. So sad…

01.15.10 | 11:09 am

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