Vintage Al Pacino (Circa Hotness)

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Damn, Al Pacino was smoking hot for a few damn fine decades, wasn’t he? Pacino’s posture here is very similar to that of the fallen Michael Corleone, so I’m guessing that this photoshoot must have taken place in the mid 1970s at about the same time The Godfather: Part II was released. To retread some of my lame-ass Twitter mileage, “I’d cast Trent Reznor aside like used pantyhose for that man.”

Vintage Al PacinoVintage Al PacinoVintage Al PacinoVintage Al Pacino

Imagery: Celebutopia



Damn, he was a looker.

You know who was also incredibly hot once? Robert de Niro. It’s amazing what that man used to be…

03.05.09 | 7:43 pm

I had completely forgotten how hot we once was. Wow!

And, I love that casually tossed hair with the sunglasses thing he had going on.

03.05.09 | 8:01 pm

Oh yeah, Deniro was pretty damn hot too, but Pacino had some fucking awesome “casually tossed hair.”

Sigh. Too bad he doesn’t have a son that looks just like him. Hmm…

03.06.09 | 12:35 am

would u put some hot pics of robert de niro on here too? because he had it goin on too.

12.24.09 | 12:50 pm

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