Amy Winehouse Ain’t In Rehab

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Last week, we reported (citing several sources) that Amy Winehouse had gone into rehab after her three-day bender that included copious amounts of ecstasy, cocaine, ketamine, vodka, and whiskey and ended in overdose and a hospital visit. According friends of her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, Amy seems to have a Byronic deathwish and speaks as if she will be dead within a year. Yet friends of Amy say that all her troubles center around Blake, the “controlling puppet-master, forever yanking Amy’s strings,” who has allegedly accelerated her downward spiral as far as drugs are concerned: “Blake wants to be like Pete Doherty, with Amy as his Kate.” If this is true, why would Amy’s husband lead her astray if he professes to be ecstatic about their newly-married status? Well, surely Blake stands to inherit a tidy sum if Amy should experience a fatal overdose.

For whatever reason, Amy Winehouse never went to rehab but instead has holed herself up in a luxury hotel suite:

She has been holed up in the 3,000-a-night Four Seasons Hotel in Hook, Hants, ever since she was released from hospital where she was treated for the overdose. She has been unable to eat and has been vomiting non-stop.

Late yesterday Amy emerged from a suite to have an 85 massage in the hotel spa. She also booked a facial for her and three pals for today. But an onlooker said: “She looked a mess.”

Amy’s family have tried to keep drug-addled Blake away from Amy. But last night they were spotted drinking in the hotel grounds.

The Sun also adds heroin to last week’s cocktail-induced overdose that should have persuaded Amy to go to rehab. Apparently, this present-day incarnation of Ella Fitzgerald (with far less vocal range) still thinks that “Mr. Hathaway” can teach her everything. Below are pictures of Amy stumbling all over in NYC earlier this year. It’s worth noting that high heels cannot be used as an excuse for poor balance, but rather, Amy wore her semi-permanent ballet flats.

Amy Winehouse

Also, check out what Amy’s reading material in the below shots:

Amy WinehouseAmy WinehouseAmy WinehouseAmy Winehouse

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You have to detox before you can be admitted into rehab. They tried to make me go and detox, I said No, No, No.

08.13.07 | 11:47 am

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08.13.07 | 3:18 pm

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08.13.07 | 4:37 pm

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08.14.07 | 12:18 pm

Winehouse has been a train wreck ever since she hit the public spotlight and probably was well before that. It’s sad that I expect to wake up every day and almost expect to see that she’s died on the news.

08.01.08 | 2:15 pm

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