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Juliette Lewis and her Talking Box

Stop mumbling down there . . . she can’t quite hear you.

Well, I’ve done my best to avoid the heavy-duty Scientology-related talk since Jett Travolta’s untimely death. However, this cult does not stop for death, and neither does the miraculously speaking (and thetanless!) crotch of Juliette Lewis, which we’ll catch up with in a bit.

First, let’s talk about the CO$ and its misguided attempts at spin-doctoring a tragedy. In the wake of the Travolta incident, a Scientology spokesperson was quick to distance the CO$ from its well-known stance against recognizing epilepsy as a medical disorder:

Bahamian officials determined it was a seizure that caused Jett Travolta’s sudden death, but there have been a number of outspoken critics of Scientology claiming that the church’s practices might have played a part in how the Travolta family cared for their son.

In response to the claim that the family might not have sought appropriate, conventional medical treatment for Jett’s seizures, Tommy Davis from Scientology International says that simply isn’t allowed under Scientology practices.

“Scientologists seek conventional medical treatment for medical conditions. Scientologists use prescription drugs when physically ill and also rely on the advice and treatment of medical doctors. The church does not involve itself in the diagnosis or classification of any medical condition,” says Davis.

Now, that is an odd statement for a leading Scientologist to make. Some would even characterize this public declaration as pullling the rug out from underneath the grieving family in question. Indeed, this discrepancy has had far-reaching effects within the cult, with numerous public Scientologists withdrawing their support for the CO$, refusing to support Davis’ claims, and providing links to CO$-run websites that provide Hubbard-written doctrine that contradicts Davis’ blatant spin-doctoring. In addition, this Scientologist labels Davis’ statements “[i]diotic double talk” and has demanded clarification from CO$ leader David Miscavage. No such statement has yet been forthcoming.

An even more damning perspective of the CO$ comes from the lovely Tory Christman, a former Scientologist who once mentored John Travolta, spoke of the horror she experienced as an epilepsy sufferer in a “church” that denied that she needed medical care:

Sufferers are told to cure themselves with vitamins and saunas while it is denied that they have problems such as epilepsy or autism, said Tory Christman, now a fierce critic of the church.

Christman left after suffering epileptic fits, culminating in a seizure which caused her to fall in the bath, knocking out her front teeth. Fellow Scientolo-gists refused to accept that she had a “real” illness, insisting that she work harder studying the teachings of the church’s founder, L Ron Hubbard, the science fiction writer, she said.

. . .

Christman said: “They ordered me to stop taking my medicines, saying I could learn to control it. But after I knocked my front teeth out on the bath, my mother came to Los Angeles and got me back on my medicines and I have been able to control it that way since.”

That just about says it all about how the CO$ really deals with any illness that is even vaguely related to the brain and its many functions. Next up, Juliette Lewis and her talking box are aiming to do their part in clearing the Earth:

Poor Juliette Lewis. It seems she can’t even GIVE away her religious paraphernalia.

Juliette has recently filmed one of the Orange cinema adverts, joining such luminaries as Patrick Swayze, Steven Segal, Darth Vader etc. But never the shrinking violet, she made her presence well and trult felt.

Upon finishing filming, Juliette sidled up to the funny American dude, Brennan, as he was getting on his motorbike.

Big luvvie hugs ensued and she pressed a DVD into his palm and swanned off. He drove off presuming it was her new album or something, only to get home and realize it was called “Welcome to Scientology”.

She did the same for all the cast and crew.

While Juliette tactfully handles recruitment issues, the CO$ legal team handles the work beneath the surface. When Scientology lawyers are not busy issuing cease and desist letters to Anonymous protesters, they’re busy gaming the system in other ways, that is, by lobbying for pro-Scientology laws. Foes of the “Xanadu of xenophobia” are speaking out against Scientology’s suppression of free speech via a new law that has, at least temporarily, been suspended (developing…).

Finally, let’s end this in the same way we started, that is, with another CO$ contradiction. For a cult that firmly believes that “AIDS is a state of mind,” Scientology sure has grown awfully squeamish in its attempts to ban HIV positive protesters. Check out Anonymous’ press release in response:

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I am glad you have brought some attention to the mystery of Juliette Lewis’s talking crotch. As you know this has puzzled me for awhile. Maybe we will finally get some answers.

01.19.09 | 2:56 pm

I”ve been wondering what she looks like these days. now i know.

01.19.09 | 4:07 pm

Why does it not surprise me that Juliette Wannabe is a Scifitologist? Next you’ll tell me Lady Caca is!

01.19.09 | 5:02 pm

Finally someone that knows what they are talking about. As an Ex scientologist I can tell you Tommy is an outright liar. Thank you for writing this.

And by the way, disconnection doesn’t exist either does it Tommy!

01.19.09 | 9:20 pm

[...] Juliette Lewis speaks from the heart (AgentBedhead) [...]

01.20.09 | 8:24 am

What’s the true story behind the bizarre situation in the Bahamas, with John Travolta going after the ambulance driver for “extortion”?

Sickeningly, this sounds like the identical tactic that has sometimes been used on others, who Scientology has wished to silence. Claim “extortion,” and other crimes, smear the person, destroy the person’s reputaion.

Hope that Travolta isn’t “applying Scientology” in this case.

Sadly, it’s entirely possible that he is.

01.25.09 | 4:26 pm

For what it’s worth, here’s an update on the John Travolta/Bahamas situation (speculative):

The three individuals accused of “extortion” were approached by Travolta/Scientology and were being paid to shut up about what they witnessed. They were secretly recorded during conversations about potential hush money.

The recordings were edited to place them in a bad light – *or*, in the process of discussing the possible payment of hush money from Travolta/Scientology, they decided they rejected the idea altogether, or decided to go the the tabloids, and the decision was made to attack and destroy them through doctored recordings, etc.

What really happened?

Did John Travolta attempt to spin his son’s death to gain positive publicity? And did it begin to backfire when witnesses began to talk?

He *did* have photos of his son photo-shopped to change the shape of his face. Is that was a grieving parent does at the sudden death of a child? Just how Scientologically warped is the very *likable and charming* John Travolta?

One thing is for sure. Something shady is happening.

01.26.09 | 1:00 am

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