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Third in a Continuing Series

By Mr. Atoz in Lindsay Lohan, Smoking Bolts

Lindsay Lohan, jailbird

Well, that was unexpected. Above is Lindsay Lohan’s mugshot, taken when she was returned to her cell in Lynwood, the cell she was confident she wouldn’t be seeing again. And, if we can believe Steve Whitmore, spokesperson…

Actually, I’d Love to Burst Your Bubble

By Mr. Atoz in Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

With two failed drug tests under her belt, Lindsay Lohan might be looking at some serious jail time. (Might–this is Los Angeles, so it’s anyone’s guess how the plain language of her terms of probation will be interpreted.)…

Hayden Panettiere Takes A Page From The Jennifer Love Hewitt Career Manual

By Bedhead in Film, Hayden Panettiere, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kristen Stewart, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox, Smoking Bolts

Hayden Panettiere

It’s always amusing how publicists attempt to place a positive spin upon the story of a flagging starlet career. Miss Hayden Panettiere, who appeared as the resident cheerleader of the now-cancelled “Heroes” but has failed to replicate that…

Looks Like She’s Blowing It Big Time

By Mr. Atoz in Lindsay Lohan, Smoking Bolts

Lindsay Lohan and friends

Well, that didn’t take long. Apparently La Lohan flunked a drug test sometime last week, roughly two weeks after she was released 67 days early from rehab—because, as her judge said at the time, “it appears she…

Lindsay Lohan: Quite The Impressive Trash Model

By Bedhead in Adverts, Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Fornarina Adverts

The last time Lindsay Lohan performed “modelling” duties for Fornarina, the bizarre results led Mr. Atoz to dub her as The Unrecognizable Face Of Italian Chic. This time around, Lohan is all too recognizable, albeit while wearing a black wig and enough rouge to power the nearest red light district for a good fortnight. Presumably, Lohan posed for this fashion shoot before her latest jail/rehab stint — not that it matters or makes a bit of difference in her cracked-out appearance. Still, at least a washed-up starlet can find employment by only metaphorically selling sex, right?

Lindsay Lohan Fornarina AdvertsLindsay Lohan Fornarina AdvertsLindsay Lohan Fornarina AdvertsLindsay Lohan Fornarina Adverts

Lindsay Lohan Fornarina AdvertsLindsay Lohan Fornarina AdvertsLindsay Lohan Fornarina AdvertsLindsay Lohan Fornarina Adverts

She Gets Four Stars, in Extremely Early Reviews

By Mr. Atoz in Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Robert Rodriguez

Lindsay Lohan as The Sister

Under the terms of her early release from rehab, Lindsay Lohan missed the Wednesday premiere of Machete, her latest and possibly last film unless she pulls herself together. However, the event showed the “troubled starlet” remains popular…

Once Again, Lohan’s Face Attached To Another Chick’s Body

By Bedhead in Adverts, Film, Lindsay Lohan, Smoking Bolts

Marc Ecko Muse

A few days ago, TMZ published some photos from the new Marc Ecko Muse clothing campaign, for which Lindsay Lohan supposedly modelled in various states of undress. These photos, to say the very least, appeared pretty awkward…

And Now: Kitten in a Cage, Starring Lindsay Lohan

By Mr. Atoz in Lindsay Lohan, Weird Ass Novelties

Lindsay Lohan, more or less

There wasn’t much coverage here at Agent Bedhead of Lindsay Lohan’s courtroom/jailhouse saga, mostly because the whole Lindsay Lohan Story is becoming so repetitive and boring that it’s impossible to stay awake long enough even to read a…

Fudgie the Whale has Left the Building

By Mr. Atoz in Lindsay Lohan

Dina and Lindsay

At a certain point it became painful to do stories about Lindsay and her family, because the whole bunch was so blatantly dysfunctional, so utterly incapable of dealing with normal life, that it felt like mocking a homeless…

What Have You Done with the Real Lindsay Lohan?

By Mr. Atoz in Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

At LiLo’s court appearance yesterday the judge was actually mildly firm with her (by the standards of LA judges dealing with celebrities), and set a series of requirements for staying out of jail that Lindsay probably won’t meet.…


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