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Jack Black Career Assessment

By Bedhead in Film, Jack Black, Reviews

Jack Black Career Assessment

The Jack Black Career Assessment is now available for your reading (dis)pleasure.

The Breaking Dawn 1 Teaser Poster Is Awful

By Bedhead in Film, Twilight

Breaking Dawn One Teaser Poster

Here’s the first teaser poster for Breaking Dawn, Part I, and it is honestly one of the ugliest posters that I’ve ever seen. At first, it didn’t even look like an authentic poster, but it comes from

It Isn’t Always Pretty, It’s Kind of Dark and Gritty under the Sea

By Mr. Atoz in Film, Gwyneth Paltrow

hipster ariel

At this point, to say that Hollywood is out of ideas is about as sharp an observation as saying that Hollywood is in southern California. So you will not be surprised to hear that Sony has acquired the…

Lucy Liu Is Still Here & Looks Great Too

By Bedhead in Film

Lucy Liu

Like it or not, this Friday shall see the release of Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom, and (as always) all of the attention at the photocalls and premieres has revolved around Angelina Jolie and Jack…

Geoffrey Rush Career Assessment

By Bedhead in Film, Reviews

Geoffrey Rush Career Assessment

The Geoffrey Rush Career Assessment is now available for your reading pleasure.

This Just Might be Stupid Enough to Work

By Mr. Atoz in Comics, Film

Dinosaurs and an exotic meal

If you’re the kind of person who ever rubbed one off to a fantasy featuring the elf maidens from World of Warcraft…. Well, then I’d really prefer to believe you’re not reading this site. But someone who knows…

Will Ferrell Career Assessment

By Bedhead in Film, Reviews

will ferrell career assessment

The Will Ferrell Career Assessment is now available for your reading pleasure.

Do I Smell an Oscar?… Nope, Just Transmission Fluid

By Mr. Atoz in Film, Smoking Bolts, Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is a big tough guy whom I never, ever want to piss off, so let’s start by noting that he’s not the worst actor in the world. Of course, after that the compliments get a little…

Jumping The Broom Review

By Bedhead in Film, Reviews

jumping the broom review

My review of Jumping the Broom is now available for your reading (dis)pleasure.

Quentin Tarantino Is Courting Will Smith For Django

By Bedhead in Brad Pitt, Django Unchained, Film, Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith

Will Smith Getting Jiggy With It

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

A few years ago, I completely misjudged Quentin Tarantino back when he was sweet talking Brad Pitt over bottles of expensive wine within Pitt’s French chateau in a victorious effort to secure…


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