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Star Jones Continues To Claw At Mediocrity

By Bedhead in Star Jones, Television

Star Jones is on fire, baby! Never mind those pesky, hatin’ reports of a train wreck and hints of irrelevancy. My gay boyfriend, who actually keeps up with this shit, was lovely enough to send me Star’s latest:…

Star Jones Does Something Irrelevant

By Bedhead in Star Jones


Star Jones and her gastric band have kinda sorta bounced back from getting canned from “The View,” and the former prosecuting attorney has just launched a Court TV talk show. Somehow, my gay boyfriend…

Star Jones has unborn twin removed, drops 100 pounds overnight

By Phin in Star Jones

Star Jones is finally going to let the world know how she dropped over 100 pounds, but you’ll have to wait for the September issue of Glamor Magazine. Which confuses the hell out of me since it’ll be on shelves…

No Blog For You!

By Bedhead in Rosie O'Donnell, Star Jones

irishduoRosie O’Donnell finds herself in an unfamiliar situation – taking orders from someone else. As the top dyke finds herself immersed once again within a daytime television show, O’Donnell now learns that blogging about work isn’t a good…

Mean Has a New Queen

By Mr. Atoz in Star Jones


Persistence really does pay off. Years of on-air bitchiness, bizarre facial transormations, and grotesque surgical implants have finally made Star Jones the most widely hated television personality in America. The former daytime diva edged out…

Al Reynolds is Losing the Beard

By Mr. Atoz in In The Closet, Star Jones


Star Jones, who seems to be living through her own personal annus horribilis, hasn”””t hit the bottom of the roller coaster yet. Informed sources say Al Reynolds, her not at all gay husband, has been slinking around

Big Al’s Love Shack: Yours for Just $2.25 Million

By Mr. Atoz in In The Closet, Star Jones

Rosie O”’Donnell exacted a terrible revenge on Star Jones for the sin of losing weight. She got her kicked off The View and left her with nothing to fall back on but her career as an online sex guru.…

Buh Bye, Star Jones

By Bedhead in Rosie O'Donnell, Star Jones, Talking Heads, Television


Star Jones won’t be trolling for freebies on the set of The View much longer, according to Page Six:

“It was always Rosie’s condition of joining the show, and Barbara agreed to those conditions from the outset.”


Yet Another Reason To Never Watch "The View"

By Bedhead in Pop Culture Mix, Rosie O'Donnell, Star Jones, Talking Heads


Rosie O’Donnell* has been invited to replace Merideth Vieira on the most nauseating daytime program since Kathie Lee Gifford left her throne. It’s gonna be hell when she yells poop soup for the first time.


Star Jones On A Stripper Pole

By Bedhead in Pop Culture Mix, Rosie O'Donnell, Smoking Bolts, Star Jones

star.jpgPage Six makes us all lose our latest meal by reminding us that Star Jones loves the freebies that come with being a C-List Celebrity. She directed her manager to set up free private lessons with a stripper pole as…


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