Because HBO Could Not Stop For Death

By Bedhead in Film, Sarah Jessica Parker

101 SJP Outfits

Yeah, I know that HBO Films and New Line Cinema are all up in the faux plot-spoiler bidness with the fake scene shooting in NYC for the Sex and the City flick. Oh yes, we’re so confused!

Seriously, enough with the Sarah Jessica Parker in the ugly-ass outfits thing.

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paris herpes

Yeah those outfits sure are atrocious. Why do rich people dress so badly?

10.05.07 | 11:35 pm

LMFAO! That’s hilarious.

10.06.07 | 11:13 am

Why? Because they CAN.

I cannot count the ways in which I do not give a crap about this movie.

03.08.08 | 9:53 am

This movie is way past it’s prime.

As for SJP. I just adore her. She’s is always kind and witty and humble and very much in love with her husband. And, when she did her turn on Project Runway, she was damn serious about providing nice clothes at reasonable prices wih her clothing line ‘Bitten’.

It’s a role which ocassionally spills over in her real life because, I suspect, people expect it to.

03.08.08 | 11:32 am

She was great on Project Runway. But not as great as Victoria Beckham, obviously.

03.09.08 | 8:53 am

i would be the absolute first in line to see that movie.

03.10.08 | 8:45 am

[...] Sex and the City spoof (ABH) [...]

03.10.08 | 9:01 am

[...] AB: Because HBO could not stop for death [...]

03.10.08 | 9:32 am

john mccain for president ads?!

03.11.08 | 5:15 am

Contextual ads work in mysterious ways……haven’t seen that one myself yet.

03.11.08 | 7:24 am

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