Because Mcconaughey is Complicated Enough.

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Trouble on the horizon for McConaugheyhey? Think again.

As Matthew McConaughey goes about upon his usual daily routine — exercising in public while shirtless — he doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass about the following: (1) He is running directly in the middle of a lane of traffic; (2) Vehicles are indeed driving directly towards his ass. Is the McConaughey impenetrable by moving vehicles? It would appear so.

In some regard, I really do envy the guy’s apparent total apathy about everything, including the fact that his ass could soon be grass. Just look at his blissful state, in which he must certainly be thinking, “Yeah, bitches. Without a shirt, I am INVINCIBLE! ‘Cuz, you know, I made a shitty movie about me not wearing a shirt, and y’all just bought it right up!”

Unfortunately, he would be absolutely correct on that last point. Audiences have plunked down about $60 million thus far to see McConaughey run around shirtless for two hours, and yet here he is, giving it all away for free.

Matthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaughey

Movie stills from this August’s Surfer Dude show an immutable cinematic forecast: Make It A McConaughey Night & So Easy, No Wonder McConaughey is #1 . The only thing I can gather from this is that winning formulas are not to be fucked with.

Thanks to ASL for the above imagery.


It’s always nice to wake up in the morning to a little McConaughey in the feed reader!

Is he always so please to see the paparazzi? And isn’t that just a little weird? I guess if he weren’t such an exhibitionist we wouldn’t have a constant feast of shirtless McConaughey.

03.02.08 | 10:31 am

I suspect 90% of his behavior (including this) can be explained by the fact that he is stoned out of his freaking mind.

He was probably running home to take off his pants and play the bongos.

03.02.08 | 11:01 am
I R A Darth Aggie

He should be thankful that it wasn’t Paris, Brit, or LiLo driving down that road, or he’d be part of the road…

03.02.08 | 11:16 am

Do you suppose he waxes that shit? He must.

03.02.08 | 10:07 pm

Yeah, that’s SO not natural.

03.03.08 | 5:05 am

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03.03.08 | 4:16 pm

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