Beware The Ides Of March

By Bedhead in Accidental Seriousness

By now, most folks are perhaps aware of the Blogspot meltdowns. Betsy’s Page got hacked, and now four years of her posts are gone. SubTerfuge also disappeared for awhile and lost its content. Fausta’s Blog has been having problems. I could go on, but this would turn into a linkfest, and I’m done with those sort of posts.

At any rate, on a discussion board and through email, I’ve had exchanges with several panicked bloggers. I’ve been attempting to advise folks to back up their blogs and have offered to walk them through the process. Yet none of them have taken me up on this offer to help – they’d rather just go on their merry little way and eventually forget the reality that their entire blog is in jeopardy. That would be, like, too much trouble or something. It kills me that these otherwise intelligent (and in some cases, utterly brilliant) people have spent hours a day blogging for years, yet they won’t take ten minutes to back up all that work.

How completely idiotic.

If you’re running Movable Type, WordPress, or Typepad, don’t look so smug either. You are not free from risk – last year, David Scott Anderson found out that his blog completely got erased when his bloghost “accidentally” wiped the server clean, along with the backup server. These sort of things happen all the damn time, so don’t think it won’t happen to you!

For every platform, a way exists to back up your posts. Even with Blogspot blogs this is true, though it was awfully crappy of them to not provide a visible method with which their users can backup their data. If you cannot figure out how to back up your blog, then contact me, and I will provide you with instructions for your platform. Depending on how many requests I get, it might take a day or two for me to respond, but I will tell you how to back up your blog. I won’t charge you for this information, and I don’t mind donating the time to disburse it and answer questions, BUT you have to take the initiative. Don’t be a dumbass.

UPDATE: Lots of requests coming in. Awesome! I will get to all of you – if you don’t hear anything within 24 hours of your request, please let me know.


Have pity on a poor Typepad user, Oh Web Design Guru…pray tell, how might I back up my mullet blog?

03.19.06 | 11:54 pm

You got it, Mullet Man. :cool:

03.20.06 | 12:05 am

Please please tell me too! I promise to back up once a week.

03.20.06 | 12:24 am

Coming right to you. Lemme know if you don’t get it tonight.

03.20.06 | 12:51 am

:shock: i didn’t know!

would you help me, dear aunt of wisdom?:wink:

03.20.06 | 1:05 am


So, you know how Mac said “Part of the ‘let”’s get the crap off Blogger before they nuke my whole site and punch me in the stomach…’” in the previous post about the American Princess moving to Munuviana? Well, speaking o…

03.20.06 | 7:16 am

Sadie, do you know anything about Expression Engine backups? SondraK and Claire (e-Claire) are both using it, and I am sure they’re not doing backups. If you do, will you shoot me the instructions?

03.20.06 | 7:20 am

I’m using TypePad and can’t find anything in their Help re how to back up. Can you help? Beth sent me.

03.20.06 | 7:32 am

Er um, me too, please?

03.20.06 | 11:44 am

I am a lowly denizen of Blogspot (at least for now). Could you send the instructions that I may save my collected…er…wisdom… for the ages?

03.20.06 | 1:50 pm

R.I.P. VenomPages…

Agent Bedhead has a reminder for all of us bloggers: Beware the Ides of March. In other words: back up your data.
It’s reminder that’s ironic in its timeliness. Today I announced the regrettable news that I’m closing down my company, …

03.20.06 | 2:04 pm

I also am a Blogspotter. If there’s anyway to back up my drivel, I’m unable to locate it in Blogspot’s help section (surprise, surprise). Any assistance would certainly be appreciated.

03.20.06 | 2:06 pm

Sadie makes an offer you can’t refuse… – offers blog backup assistance
For every platform, a way exists to back up your posts. Even with Blogspot blogs this is true, though it was awfully crappy of them to not provide a visible method with which their users can backup their…

03.20.06 | 2:25 pm

Me too, please. My blog and gmail were both hijacked a month ago and I’m still jittery over it.

03.20.06 | 4:58 pm

Heck, I don’t even blog and you’ve got me desperately trying to find something to back up.

Aah! Some old Dos 6.2 disks…and not a backup in sight! I better get busy.

03.20.06 | 5:01 pm

Light & Dark once walked me through it over the phone. Yeah, that was a year ago. Could you please instruct me how to do this again? I’ve already lost my entire hard drive…I would be traumatized if I lost my blog.

I use TypePad. Thank you so very very very very much for extending this offer to us. You are the bestest evah!

03.20.06 | 6:58 pm

Could you forward me a blogspot backup recipe, as well?


03.20.06 | 8:47 pm

I could use this information as well. I’ve been making a copy of each month’s entries, and a copy of my template, but if there’s more I should do, let me know, please.

03.21.06 | 3:47 am

Picnic 2006-03-21…

Today's picnic basket of items from my blogroll.


03.21.06 | 6:34 am

Followed your instructions, Sadie Lady, and it worked like a charm! I now snooze more sondly than ever. :grin:

03.21.06 | 8:06 am

I’ve just released an automatic blog backup service:

Its free while its in beta and it will do daily or weekly remote backups of any self-hosted MySQL-based blog like WordPress or Moveable Type.

The site includes a Setup Wizard that makes account creation and setup take less than a minute.

03.21.06 | 8:56 am

Howdy. I was thinking of just going through my archives by month, and saving each web page as an HTML file. Is there a simpler way?


03.21.06 | 9:39 am

That was so easy! Thank you.

03.21.06 | 8:42 pm

Hey Bedhead. Thanks for noticing us! ;) We’re back up–I did back up the blog, but not very efficiently. I’ve got some content back up, and I’m saying screw it to the rest…which kind of fits nicely with my sudden onset of blog apathy. I’ll be in touch re: a better backup method. Thanks dahlink!

03.21.06 | 10:46 pm

Blog Burnout…

Bedhead passes judgment (heh) and gives free and invaluable blog backup advise–in case you actually care about your blog.

See?! I’m in good company and I like it just fine. So, be gentle with me….

03.21.06 | 11:36 pm

PLEASE tell me, too! Blogspot.

Thank you!

03.22.06 | 12:33 am

I don’t know what I’d do if I lost – it would be like 3 and a half years now – of blog entries.

Thanks for making us aware of this problem… Please let me know how to do the back up. [Also for my College Republicans weblog... which has many less entries.]

03.22.06 | 7:07 pm

I too use blogger. Is ther a way to back up my rantings?

03.24.06 | 3:54 pm

I have been just doing an export and saving the export file. I suppose it’s more complicated than that?

03.25.06 | 10:26 am

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