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All hell has seemingly broken loose between Bill O’Reilly and Jennifer Aniston. Wait, let me rephrase that: Aniston has engaged in her typical endorse-at-all-costs method of film promotion, and since she cannot fake a romantic relationship with married co-star Jason Bateman, she’s attempting to whip up a bit of controversy. O’Reilly has taken the bait, and he’s pissed:

In ‘Switch,’ Aniston plays a woman who elects to take on life as a single parent through artificial insemination. During the movie’s press conference in LA, the actress admitted “times have changed” and women don’t need to rely on men to be good mothers.

“Women are realizing more and more that you don’t have to settle, they don’t have to fiddle with a man to have that child,” Aniston said. “They are realizing if it’s that time in their life and they want this part they can do it with or without that.”

O’Reilly called out the actress, deeming her message inappropriate. “Jennifer Aniston can hire a battery of people to help her. But she can’t hire a dad. Dads bring a psychology to children that in this society is under emphasized. Men get hosed all day long in the parental arena,” he ranted.

“Any man who leaves their children is not a man. Let’s make that perfectly clear. But the fathers that do try hard are under appreciated and diminished by people like Jennifer Aniston,” he continued.

Finally, O’Reilly challenged Aniston to come on his show and defend her statement. “If she wants to explain, she can get her butt right in here.”

Well, it’s difficult to take sides here, even though it’s just bloody obvious that mothers and fathers both bring mutually exclusive (and irreplaceable) benefits to a child’s upbringing. The thing is, while I’ve agreed with O’Reilly on several issues on past occasions, I still think this guy should approach his arguments with a bit less of the “self-righteous douchebag” aura that he tends to covet. He also grossly overestimates the influence that Aniston holds over young women. Sure, back in the day, she wordlessly convinced far too many thousands of women to emulate “The Rachel” haircut, despite the fact that it did not flatter their face shape in the slightest regard. These days, however, bitch just wants to sell her movies, and she knows that her audience wants to believe that these movies reflect some aspect of her pathetic personal life. Presumably, this target audience isn’t interested in much else but feeling sorry for Poor Jen and her awful luck with men, so they’d be interested in losing themselves in a tale where Jen pretends to be a strong, independent woman (yet, as with all of her movies, Jen always ends up with Brad the guy). In other words, O’Reilly could much better direct his outrage elsewhere.

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My only comment on this is: that’s a good thing, since this girl doesn’t seem to be able to get a guy to stick around longer than six months.

As for O’Reilly, he’s a professional windbag, doing what he does best.

08.11.10 | 7:04 pm

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