Daniel Radcliffe Is Totally Hetero

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Daniel Radcliffe in Equis

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It seems that Daniel Radcliffe and his acting chops weren’t totally fulfilled by baring his naked ass in front of a live theater audience. Indeed, he wants more:

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has his sights set on following up his naked theater debut in Equus by going gay at the movies. The teenager, who bore all for his hit London play earlier this year, insists he’s up for a challenging homosexual role.

He says, “I don’t think it would particularly affect me. I mean, I’d never play a gay character just for the sake of playing a gay character. If the script was good and it was a good gay character, then that wouldn’t bother me. Playing characters exploring their sexuality is a challenge.”

Playing such characters is indeed a challenge unless the role just happens to be true to life. It’s also kinda cute how Daniel hints at a good gay/bad gay dichotomy, which would be a great way for him to explore his own sexuality. How convenient.



I would make fun of this post but you were right about his ass looking “angry”.

09.26.07 | 5:10 pm

he has to choke on a massics–but “tastefull” — member from the negroids.

THEN, you have loosed the shackles!

09.26.07 | 8:30 pm

Do u want me to ban TC?

PS We need more gay villains. I’m SICK of being the best friend

09.26.07 | 9:34 pm
paris herpes

HIs ass his angry and oppressed?! It certainly looks like it, needs some cum honey to open it up…

09.26.07 | 11:04 pm

you! ban me?

You root for the freakin’s A’s!

(where are your Mulders and Hudsons NOW, school boy?)

09.27.07 | 12:02 am

Why not, he’s halfway to gay already.

09.27.07 | 12:58 am

[...] Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe wants to go gay – ABH [...]

09.27.07 | 9:28 pm

Right on, BA. That whole ‘great pets for straight girls’ thing makes me want to ralph.

As for D-Rad’s brush with pink, pffft. Take a look at 90% of Harry Potter fan fiction and Harry/Daniel’s getting reamed, usually by Professor Snape….

09.28.07 | 12:34 pm

i love harry potter, the whole series. I’m watching the first one with my little brother right now, in fact. everyone is suprised that i still love the series at my age, but i will love it forever. i don’t really care for his junk or his butt, but anything above the waist is fine. i can only imagine what harry potter and the deathly hallows is going to be like, considering the fact that he is going to be naked in parts of it.


12.09.09 | 10:21 pm

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