Denise Richards Kisses Apatow A**, Gets Owned By Omar Doom

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Denise Richards Twitter

Never say that nothing interesting ever happens on Twitter, mates, for this little interaction brings me much joy. Last evening, the most washed-up Bond girl of them all, Denise Richards, took to her Twitter account to congratulate producer Judd Apatow on the “huge opening” of Bridesmaids. However much she may have authentically enjoyed the movie, it’s virtually impossible to mistake her words as mere charitable goodwill, for Denise needs an acting job, stat. For his part, Apatow took the bait and retweeted Denise’s praise, but then Omar Doom (one of our favourite Basterds, natch) stepped up his Twitter game to congratulate Denise on her huge opening as well. Yes, I quite nearly died.

Omar Doom Twitter



05.17.11 | 3:23 pm

[...] Denise Richards kisses Apatow ass, gets owned by Omar Doom. [AB] [...]

05.17.11 | 6:05 pm

And THAT is how it is done. Sweet.

05.17.11 | 8:32 pm

Denise Richards is nuts, but since Charlie Sheen has gone all bi-WINNING on us, I actually feel kind of sorry for her. I would totally attend her opening.

05.18.11 | 4:33 am

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