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By Mr. Atoz in Margaret Cho, Vanity

A few days ago we posted on surgical G-spot augmentation. No, it doesn’t make your G-spot all perky and wrinkle-free, but it does make the elusive Hot Zone more prominent and (allegedly) more easily aroused. Well, here to discuss the procedure is comedian Margaret Cho, famous for her willingness to discuss anything, humor or lack thereof be damned:

…[T]he G-Shot is an injection of collagen into your G-Spot that is supposed to enhance any kind of stimulation there. It is for women who have limited sensation in their vagina, which is me. My puss is more clitoral than vaginal. I am more into the outside than the inside. I am more about display than content. Whenever I go to a party, I tend to hang out on the steps rather than in the house and I never go into the backyard.

Feel free not to click on the link unless you really want to get a guided tour of Ms. Cho’s reproductive tract. (Of course, if that’s what you’re looking for, then today is your lucky day.) Just to end the suspense–which is no doubt killing you–the procedure was not a success, and might have put an end to the party in Margaret’s pants for the next few months. However, the entire procedure and its aftermath will be the subject of an episode of The Cho Show, Margaret’s new reality series coming to VH1 sometime this summer. You have been warned.

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I did not think there was anything that could make me less interested in sleeping with Margaret Cho. I was wrong.

04.03.08 | 2:22 pm

Let’s not be too quick to judge, jvon. I’m sure a night with Margaret Cho would be every bit as hilarious as her standup routine.

04.03.08 | 2:38 pm

VHI sucks now. Apparently, it’s going to start sucking even worse. When was the official lowering of standards?

04.03.08 | 8:41 pm

[...] Margaret Cho is a tour guide in the Tunnel of Love (AgentBedhead) [...]

04.04.08 | 2:36 am

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