Doherty to Get Implants, Kate Plans For Prince

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While Kate Moss attempts to kick the Pete Doherty habit, she’s been keeping herself busy organizing a party for an unlikely old chum of hers – Prince. Kate plans to throw him a smashing bash to celebrate the Purple One’s 21-date UK tour that launches on August 1st in London.

However, Kate did take the time to bestow upon Pete a breakup present of sorts – 15,000 for a new anti-heroin implant that will block opiates from absorbing into his jacked-up body. This isn’t the first time Pete’s been, uh, implanted, and on previous occasions, he’s freaked and ripped the bloody thing out in order to shoot up like a proper junkie. So obviously, this new implant won’t work either, but it will probably keep him out of jail when he goes back to court in early August.

Although Kate has paid for Pete’s treatment, she is determined not to actually speak to him. She has reportedly changed both her mobile and home telephone numbers to stop Pete from attempting to lure her back:

A source close to the 33-year-old supermodel told the Daily Mirror: “Pete was still phoning up last weekend and in the end it was too much even for Kate.

“She thought she had made things clear – he should never get in touch with her again, under any circumstances.

“But he failed to get the message so she’s taken drastic action. It’s a pain for her but she’s more adamant than ever about making a clean break.”

Meanwhile, Pete Doherty just cannot keep to himself, nor can he evade the police for the slightest of his errant ways. Our favourite druggie was spotted throwing rubbish out of a cab and subsequently fined 100 for littering. He probably had heroin in his pockets too, but whatever.

Just prior to his encounter with the law, Pete had returned to London from a rehab centre 200 miles away in Harrogate, North Yorks, which “was believed to be the start of the five-day detox course which a judge ordered him to attend.” Pete remained within the clinic’s walls for a mere five minutes, which as usual, made the tabloids crap themselves with glee. Not so fast:

[Doherty's] solicitor Sean Curran said the detox would start next Monday. He added: “Pete has been in Harrogate, but I believe he is back in London.”

This in-and-out rehab antic might possibly be explained as Pete getting his dates mixed up and arriving early to rehab. This would be not unlike that time he pulled up to Thames Magistrate Court while looking quite pleased with himself that he’d arrived as ordered, but the poor little wanker was actually six months early. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

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