Dude, Watch Out For The Reznorgasm

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Hot damn. Trent Reznor and his online alias, “2fragile4u,” are giving away more free shit.

Following the response to Trent’s release of the free single, “Discipline,” he’s releasing yet another lovingly crafted single, and yes, it’s completely gratis as well. Download “Echoplex,” and then Digg It, baby. Trent likes that.

Word has it that a huge NIN-oriented announcement will be coming on May 5th, and methinks it might just be a new album. Something tells me that Trent won’t be giving it completely away this time around, but, then again, his recent “free” album Ghosts I-IV , grossed a tidy $1.6 million in its first week with very little overhead:

So, Trent Reznor didn’t do jack crap as far as advance publicity or marketing is concerned. He doesn’t have to worry about handing anything over to a record label. Now, I may not know much about the music industry, such as it is, but I think Trent just smacked them pretty good. In fact, my uneducated opinion tells me that this is the most brilliant record buzz since the “remember to drink the water . . . it’s good for you” campaign that Trent launched last year. Good times, mates.

The man truly has his fingers on the pulse of the internet. The rest of us are only guessing.


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Yes, well, you may be pleased I thought of your little obsession last night when a Trent Reznor track was played and every hot girl in the club decided it was time to dance. Damn him.

05.04.08 | 6:59 am

I would totally show him my hided porn. Or offer to make some for him…whatever.

05.05.08 | 4:16 pm

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