Everyone Hates Sienna Miller

By Mr. Atoz in Sienna Miller, Smoking Bolts

Sienna Miller’s career has had its ups and downs, but one thing you can’t take away from her: she might well be the most hated woman in movies. Things really started to go sour for her after that Balthazar Getty fling. Bad enough that her home got vandalized, and random strangers were calling her “slut” (a charge Sienna strongly denies). Now the head of her fansite has walked off the job, pausing in the virtual doorway just long enough to not quite call Sienna a slut:

….[R]ecent events – that of Sienna’s affair with a married father-of-four and extremely public displays of affection – have heightened my lack of interest in the site and Sienna. We do not know the whole story behind this affair but my respect for her has gone out of the window.”

That’s only a brief selection from a much longer screed that describes Sienna’s general worthlessness as a human being in copious detail. And these people are her fans. At this point, Sienna is approaching Tom Cruise levels of unlikeability. Which, given the way she’s mismanaged her career so far, means that any day now she’ll be deciding to put her life in order through the power of Scientology.


[...] Even Sienna Miller’s fans hate her (AgentBedhead) [...]

09.17.08 | 1:40 am

Balthazar Getty is complete scum for leaving his wife in the lurch, but, damn, if Sienna doesn’t end up looking even worse.

I’d call it a double standard, but she had made a pattern of behavior out of this sort of thing.

09.17.08 | 2:16 am

I think I could straighten her out. Or have fun trying anyway.

09.17.08 | 2:34 am
I R A Darth Aggie

I hate her, too. Mostly because she’s not on her knees giving me oral pleasure. But I’m single, so there are no innocent third parties to get hurt.

09.17.08 | 7:21 am

I could pretend to be married if it would help her. Or a priest or something.

But I was thinking something more along the lines of Black Snake Moan. I think she’d look fantastic chained to my radiator in her underwear. Well, technically, I don’t have a radiator, but I’d have one installed for that.

09.17.08 | 9:50 am

[...] is just a taste of the much longer screed that details Millers sluttiness and her general worthlessness as a human being. Miller has just about reached Tom Cruise level of [...]

09.17.08 | 10:35 am

I would like to be on record saying I do not hate Sienna Miller.

09.17.08 | 1:19 pm

[...] Homewreckers don’t prosper, Sienna Miller takes note as the backlash continues – AB [...]

09.17.08 | 2:41 pm

Does anyone remember that Julia Roberts was a homewrecker? Her husband left a wife and small children for her. Why the double standard? I don’t remember any deluge of hate for JR.

09.19.08 | 12:12 am
okay wait

Well, not everyone hates her, just anyone with good sense, morals, brains, or any compassion. This woman leaves a trail of tears behind her wherever she goes. Is anyone’s life BETTER for having known her? Take a poll.

10.03.08 | 5:58 pm
okay wait

jvon-why would your radiator be wearing her underwear?

10.05.08 | 10:04 am

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