Gee, Your Meat Smells Terrific

By Mr. Atoz in Perfumery, Weird Ass Novelties

Less than a week remains before Christmas, but there’s still time for some last-minute shopping to find the perfect gift for that hard-to-please someone on your list. For example, suppose you want a special, intimate gift for a special man in your life. And suppose this man isn’t quite classy enough to deserve something like rap-breath cologne? (Horrifying thought, I know. But calm yourself. This is strictly hypothetical.) In that case, Burger King might have just the thing for you, in the form of burger-scented cologne. Described as “the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat,” Flame™ cologne will give men the chance to go through an entire evening smelling like they just devoured a Whopper and forgot to floss. You can buy Flame™ at selected stores in the US or at Burger King’s utterly creepy website, and at $3.99 a bottle it’s cheaper than many actual burgers. Sadly, tofu-scented Flame™ for vegans is still months away from general release.

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Er… all you have to do is go eat one of their burgers and you stink from their meat and onions for two hours. Sheh… trying to cheat me these guys – they can’t fool me.

12.19.08 | 12:16 am

[...] Burger King’s “Flame” cologne: Because there’s nothing so romantic as the stench of a Whopper. (AB) [...]

12.19.08 | 3:46 pm

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