Gratuitous Insincere Tom Cruise Photo Of The Day: Workin' It Edition

By Bedhead in Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise

Apparently, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes not only wear matching outfits while jogging together but also hold hands while doing so. How quaint, and there’s something else here, but I cannot quite put my finger on it…

Imagery: Celebitchy, which has several more photos of Tom’s moobs & Suri’s kitten heels


I am quite disturbed that I still want to have sex with Katie Holmes even though she’s married to Tom Cruise — and the Old Testament is not the source of my discomfort.

09.22.09 | 6:13 pm

That’s it? They’re “jogging” and holding hands? I think there must be more to the story. I HOPE there’s more to the story otherwise that shit is creepy as hell.

…and yes, I do realize that’s just another day in the Tom Cruise neighborhood.

09.23.09 | 9:21 pm

In this photo, and in real life she’s about a foot taller than he is. Must not have had special high heeled running shoes made yet. Nike’s “The Lift” will be available by Christmas, as well as the Vick “torturer” new series of shoe.

10.04.09 | 10:16 am

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