Hermione Wants a Dragon Tattoo

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two faces of Emma

A few days ago Emma Watson got a pixie cut, an event that hardly qualified as newsworthy even by our abysmally low standards. But, as it turns out, there really is a story behind the new ‘do. Apparently Ms. Watson is gunning for the lead role of Lisbeth Salander in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy. The books have sold umpty-million copies worldwide, and a Swedish film version was released last year. But, since Hollywood devoutly believes that Americans fear subtitles as much as they love 3D (wrong on both counts, Hollywood honchos), a big-budget American remake is in the works. This is a big deal. The Lisbeth Salander role is probably the hottest female role out there right now, and whoever gets it is virtually guaranteed a three-picture deal in what promises to be a phenomenally profitable franchise, starting with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Daniel Craig has signed to play Miikael Blomkvist, the leading male role, which all but guarantees some serious box office action.

Emma has already auditioned with director David Fincher—a name that provides yet another indication that this project is kind of a big deal. Considering that her competition is Natalie Portman (too old), Ellen Page (too cute), Kristen Stewart (can’t act), and Carey Mulligan (a bit of a wild card), Emma might actually have a shot. If she does get the role, it will definitively kill her wholesome Hermione Granger image. As OK Magazine notes in the link above: “Throughout the films, Lisbeth is involved in some racy scenes with both men and women, including a graphic and violet [sic] bedroom scene.” We know how Emma looks with short hair, and we might yet find out how she looks in purple.


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08.10.10 | 11:33 am

Slightly off topic, but I was reading somewhere about her fabled new haircut (Jezebel? My mind grows foggy with age) and people were saying she’s the most beautiful woman alive and this ‘do really emphasizes her amazing good looks. I must be missing something. And although I’ve only seen her in the HP movies, she doesn’t strike me as an actress of depth and range.

08.10.10 | 5:48 pm

great choice if she gets the part! what a brilliant career move. Carey is too sweet, not edgy enough. Natalie is indeed too old. Ellen Page is too typecast thanks to Juno; she would not be believable as Lisbeth. i won’t even mention K-Stew. she’s not a consideration. Emma is perfect. and she can grow into adulthood with this role. i’m loving this.

with regard to the comment on her beauty. she is beautiful IMO. Lisbeth is too, just in an unconventional way. she has to be able to be sexy enough to attract Mikhail but kind of boyish and underdeveloped at the same time. i can see Emma pulling that off.

08.10.10 | 8:24 pm

anyone who thinks ellen page is “too cute” has not seen Hard Candy.

08.12.10 | 8:28 am

Ellen’s a terrific actress. “Too cute” was a comment on her physical appearance; Lisbeth (according to the books) was more angular. Appearance aside, there’s no question Ellen could handle the role.

08.12.10 | 10:50 am

I wouldn’t kick either one of them out of bed for eating crackers…

08.13.10 | 8:18 pm

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