Honk If You’re Terribly, Terribly Lonely

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Virginity billboard

September 10 is the opening day for The Virginity Hit. You’ll want to mark that date on your calendars, because this movie, which sounds like the gazillionth iteration of Porky’s, is likely to be out of theatres and into your local convenience store’s discount DVD bin faster than you can say “nitwit teen sex comedy.” (Then again, it’s written and directed by Andrew Gurland and Huck Botko, the writers of the surprisingly successful The Last Exorcism, so it just might surprise everyone.) Meanwhile, the film’s marketing team is trying to generate some buzz with this billboard marketing campaign, which offers a bogus helpline number that will get you craptastic recorded advice about coping with virginity from the film’s cast and crew.

Someone connected with this is claiming that the campaign has local politicians up in arms in benighted places like Louisiana, Miami, San Diego, and Arizona. A Google news search won’t turn up any evidence of that, but the comments on various articles out there suggest that a fair number of people think this campaign goes a little over the line. Offensive or not, the movie’s likely to tank because the concept—a group of “friends” helping the pathetic noob in their gang get laid—is so incredibly trite. The fact that projects like this keep getting greenlit ad infinitum, ad nauseam, offers some rather disturbing insight into what life was like for studio execs in their teenage years.

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