Jason Beghe Is A Hero. And Hot. Officially.

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Jason Beghe

Jason “The Man” Beghe continues to amaze and impress. Last week, Beghe went to Hamburg, Germany to testify against Scientology in front of the Germany’s Department of Interior Affairs. Beghe was invited by Ursula Caberta of German’s Office for Domestic Affairs in Hamburg:

Caberta is importing a number of American Scientology critics including Beghe, whom this column reported on last April after he famously exited Scientology after 14 years and what he said was a million dollar investment. Also on the list of guests are former Scientologists Larry Brennan and Mark Headley.

Caberta says in an email, “This will be the first time that somebody from the U.S. General Consulate in Hamburg is coming officially” to one of her hearings on this subject. In Germany, Scientology is considered by the government to be a cult.

On a slightly deviated note, these beefcake screencaps (from The Hegemony, who has some slightly NSFW piccies too) of Beghe hail from one of his old television shows, “To Have and To Hold.” Damn, this guy is not only a fucking awesome person, but he’s also pretty damn sexy. Slurp.

To get back to the serous stuff, video footage of Beghe’s talk finally hit YouTube, in four parts, over the weekend. Thanks to reader KeeKee for sending me the info on these vids. Check ‘em out below:

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