Jolie & Franco Wanted For The Golden Suicides

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Angelina Jolie and James Franco as Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake

Angelina Jolie, Theresa Duncan, Jeremy Blake & James Franco

As some of you will remember, I’m a bit overprotective when it comes to the legacies of the late Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake. So, I wasn’t terribly thrilled to learn that the notoriously sensational Bret Easton Ellis was penning The Golden Suicides script. However, a very gallant gentleman, who has also been following this story (even more closely than I have), has alerted me to an interesting development. It seems that Ellis actually wrote the script with Angelina Jolie and James Franco in mine to play Theresa and Jeremy, respectively. In fact, Ellis took to Twitter to make the following statement:

Keep looking at the script…Angelina and Franco for Theresa and Jeremy?…It doesn’t matter…I wrote it for them anyway…I just spaced…

Slashfilm, which first debunks last week’s widely reported news of Jolie signing onto “space thriller” Gravity, discusses the prospect presented by Ellis:

The script he’s referring to is The Golden Suicides, which we’ve talked about a couple of times. Gus Van Sant had been said to be doing additional writing duties on that, but a previous recent tweet from Ellis says he’s just finished the screenplay. So what’s the story there? Will Gus Van Sant do some work on the script down the line, has he been contributing input in the last couple months, or is he off that project now? Was his involvement over-reported, as deals like that sometimes are?

Jolie and Franco would be perfect casting for the broken, charismatic couple at the heart of The Golden Suicides, but at this point it sounds like that’s just wishful thinking on the part of Ellis. Hopefully the script is good enough that they’d be interested.

Absolutely, these two actors (particularly Jolie) would be excellent at portraying the two eccentric and extremely creative lovers. The fact that Ellis had Jolie in mind automatically gives this project some integrity and credibility that would otherwise be lacking. Furthermore, Theresa would likely be thrilled by the mere thought of it. Too bad she’s not around to, you know, actually see it happen.


[...] Angelina Jolie and James Franco may be headed for the lead roles in The Golden Suicides (Bret Easton Ellis’ adaptation of the bizarre joint suicides of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake) which is terrible news for the following reasons: (1.) Franco is not worthy of Jolie’s breasts, which he will inevitably get to touch (2.) Angie and James will totally destroy these roles, she by being too carnal and bombshell-y, and he by being, uh, himself (3.) Franco’s presence will reduce this to yet another inadvertent farce on the Stuff Liberal Arts Freshmen Like. [AgentBedhead] [...]

03.03.10 | 2:40 pm

The casting is…no. Jolie has the chops to prove herself a respectable Theresa and Franco is a palpable stretch but…the two of them together though? As a couple? Not so much. Duncan and Blake seemed celestially intertwined. Franco is like the Jesus to Jolie’s Madonna, which is NOT the dynamic that should be portrayed here!

03.05.10 | 2:36 pm

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