Justin Timberlake Continues To Screw With Us

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Justin Timberlake Launches 901 Silver Tequila

Justin Timberlake is always full of surprises. Dude has officially launched his 901 Silver Tequila to rave reviews and an alleged full-bodied richness in taste. To think, I’d assumed that Sammy Hagar had ruined tequila for all the cool kids…

Now to a more confusing matter, that is, those geek-boy glasses that, apparently, weren’t just an ephemeral fashion statement at this year’s Met Costume Insitute Fashion Gala. In conjunction with Timberlake’s recent refusal to ever again perform “Sexy Back” live, are these glasses part of a deliberate attempt by Timberlake to un-sexy his own image? Yeah, good luck with that, JT.

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Now hold on thar. My glasses (like that but kinda brown) are due Thursday. Just because you have glasses like that doesn’t make you unsexy does it?

Does it??

06.16.09 | 11:40 am

Not just any glasses do that. JT seems to have picked a rather conspicuous pair though…

06.16.09 | 1:42 pm

My daughter (real life, younger) picked them out for me. They’re famous. I’m no fan of Mr Depp myself, but she seems to think they’ll work on me. I say I’m going to look like a big dumb nerd. We’ll see.

06.16.09 | 2:37 pm

My glasses are considerably less sexy.

06.16.09 | 4:38 pm

[...] Justin Timberlake is now on a mission to un-sexify [Agent Bedhead] [...]

06.17.09 | 11:03 am

I honestly can’t imagine a man less sexy than JT, if he didn’t have the money and the fame… he’d never get laid, I mean nevah, he’s a homely man. Woody Allen homely.

The only thing he’s got to offer is buttloads of money, and that is the only reason he’s gotten the quality of women he has. It hurts to look at him for any length of time.

06.22.09 | 3:19 am

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