Megan Fox Barely Stops Herself… This Time

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Megan Fox Jennifer's Body

After Michael Bay recently called Megan out for saying all of those ridiculous things, it will be interesting to see if the girl can develop some restraint and not keep popping off to various journalists. Her first real test will be the press tour for the upcoming Diablo Cody-written horror-comedy, Jennifer’s Body. Megan and Cody are both strong-willed chicks, but, the difference between the two is that Cody knows what the hell she’s doing, and she does it pretty damn well. Will Megan be able to keep herself from telling the world what she didn’t appreciate about Cody’s atypical (for a screenwriter) hands-on approach? Well, in an MTV interview, Megan doesn’t quite cross the line yet, but she certainly sets the stage with a not-so-healthy dose of passive aggression:

As anyone who’s seen “Juno” will remember, Cody’s style is as highly stylized as it is intricately hip. And so, Fox said that all the actors on set were careful to keep their improv tendencies to a bare minimum.

“That was actually something that was hard about making that movie,” Fox revealed. “Because it was Diablo — and because she just won an Oscar — we were not allowed to deviate from the script. Not even a single word.”

Methinks this is a mere indication of how Megan will eventually moan about how her own “artistry” was cramped by the lack of improvisation presented by working with Diablo Cody, and, lemme tell ya, Cody won’t let that sort of bullshit slide for nearly as long as Bay did. So yes, we shall witness more of the same sort of tiresome verbal diarrhea from Miss Fox, but watching a starlet implode by means other than drugs and alcohol, well, it’s just so damn entertaining.

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‘Intricately hip’? Good Lord, I loathed Cody’s dialogue; the Rainn Wilson scene must be one of the most embarrassing moments in the history of cinema. Here’s hoping she’s toned her ‘hipness’ down a notch.

07.01.09 | 10:41 pm

Wait, so… is the cheerleader outfit from this movie?

Pervaliciously yours,

07.02.09 | 1:05 am

Yep. She plays a demonically possessed cheerleader.

07.02.09 | 1:16 am

[...] Megan Fox wearing a cheerleader outfit in Jennifer’s Body [Agent Bedhead] [...]

07.02.09 | 1:18 am

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