Michael Bay Rebuffs Uwe Boll's Romantic Gestures

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Sigh. Since we’ve covered the rest of this engrossing saga in rather unnecessary detail, we feel compelled to publish the latest news of Uwe Boll and his Michael Bay fetish. So, here is the latest reply from Bay himself:

Can we stop talking about this guy! I never even heard his name till last week when he made threats and rants. The guy is a fucking idiot, making threats to me, Clooney, Eli Roth, says he has a doctorate – but uses the word “retard” in his vocabulary, come on. When you look at his videos, what is interesting are the backgrounds. I guess his low rent offices, with 15 year old 3/4 machines, archaic computers, this is just some dumb chump trying to get some fame when he has none, so he has to make Youtube lame quality anger rants. Guy just want [sic] attention because he can’t get any for the so called movies he makes. Nothing sadder when he had his screening in LA to an over half empty movie house.

He is a troubled soul – let’s just waste time on talking about him please.


Of course, Bay wants everyone to stop talking about this dude, yet he wastes another 143 words talking about it. These words will, no doubt, be cherished tonight as a printed out, laminated token of love underneath Uwe Boll’s pillow.

We suggest to Uwe Boll that, if he must make such threats, go right ahead and challenge Guy Ritchie to a boxing match, for the response from Madonna would be simply priceless.

Source: Michael Bay’s Official Shoot For the Edit Forums

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