Nicole Kidman: Something She'd Like To Forget

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Nicole Kidman

The year was 1983. Nicole Kidman appeared in BMX Bandits, a film about two expert bikers who, along with some chick, find a box of walkie talkies and unwittingly get pulled into a bank robbery scheme. Damn, they certainly don’t make films like they used to.

Nicole was sixteen years old and rockin’ the frizzy hair and freckles. Of course, this was before Tom Cruise and her subsequent descent into elegance inaccessible austerity, but she could move her facial muscles. That’s nothing to scoff at.

Nicole KidmanNicole Kidman

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02.27.08 | 5:16 pm


I adored her with the frizzy red hair. Why did you betray me, Nicole?!?

02.27.08 | 6:49 pm

She’s so damn cute. I’d hit it even with the afro. I’d have to consult my attorney first of course.

Also, I have to disagree with people who say she’s lost it now. She’s still gorgeous. It’s all about the eyes. And the mouth. And the ass. And… OK, it’s about everything but the nose, I’ve never been real sure about the nose, but it can stay.

02.27.08 | 7:26 pm

I really like these pictures.

02.27.08 | 8:10 pm

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