Nicole Kidman’s Forehead Meets With Haitian Earthquake Survivors

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Nicole Kidman Visits Haiti

Over the weekend, Nicole Kidman toured Haiti on behalf of UNIFEM (UN Development Fund for Women) and met with earthquake (and subsequent violence) survivors in a temporary shelter:

“I saw first-hand how this humanitarian disaster is impacting women and girls. The lack of shelter and security makes them more vulnerable to violence, in particular sexual violence,” said UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman. “Yet, I have also seen the determination and resilience of women and men in Haiti to rebuild their country.”

At a temporary shelter for women and girls who have experienced sexual violence or are at risk, she saw women leaders providing medical and legal services as well as counseling and livelihood training. “This needs to be done on a large scale and they need our support.” Kidman said.

Now, if I’m automatically an asshole if I type anything here besides praise for Kidman’s efforts. Yes, she did a good thing here, but I have no doubt that Kidman hopped on a private jet after this speech and hightailed it out of there in very short order to make her Monday botox appointment. And I probably wouldn’t even go there if not for the obviously frozen face displayed in the above photograph. Still, even these earthquake victims can’t help but notice.


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08.02.10 | 3:05 pm

she also promoted his future movies during the interview :(

08.02.10 | 3:32 pm

Why doesn’t she just get bangs? SO much cheaper than Botox, and only hipsters will make fun of you instead of everybody.

08.02.10 | 5:54 pm

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08.02.10 | 8:45 pm

Hay, all you haters out there that are doing nothing but criticizing others and doing NOTHING to help the situation , there is a God and He is watching All of us, He knows whats in Everyones heart so just let Him do HIS Job!

08.02.10 | 9:46 pm

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08.02.10 | 10:48 pm

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08.02.10 | 11:23 pm

Hay, all you commenters out there that are doing nothing but using BLOCK CAPS and criticizing others, there is a God and Xenu is watching All of us, Xenu knows whats Entheta so just let Him do HIS SecCheck Rundown!

08.03.10 | 9:42 am
Alayna Gaffney

wow, it just goes to show, THAT nobody is completely flawless in this world

08.07.10 | 5:02 pm

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