Oliver Stone Supports Mel Gibson; Ahnold, Not So Much

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Oliver Stone

Aww, dammit. I was relieved to learn that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s been comparing Mel Gibson to the BP oil spill (“[N]o one has figured out how to contain Mel Gibson”), but then that dickhead “maverick” Oliver Stone had to go and ruin it all:

Stone tells Mandrake that the Oscar-winning star of Braveheart will continue to be offered leading roles in Hollywood. “Everyone is supposed to have an opinion [about Gibson], but most directors don’t work that way,” Stone said at the premiere of his latest film, South of the Border, at the Curzon Mayfair, in London.

He points out that press criticism of an actor is always immediate, whereas Hollywood works on a longer time scale. “Projects are developed slowly, and over the course of weeks, months, there will be projects, and I am sure many of them will want to have Mel Gibson in them,” he says.

I strongly disagree with Stone’s perspective that many directors just don’t care about what an audience thinks of a film’s leading actor, for there’s got to be a limit to public forgiveness. Quite simply, a director who wishes to continue working simply cannot financially afford to willingly embrace box-office poison. Gibson may have been able to eventually overcome the “Sugartits” Incident when Edge of Darkness did respectably well, but that’s because an isolated drunken encounter with police (racial slurs be damned) is nothing new as far as Hollywood is concerned, and — let’s face it — “Sugartits” was mildly amusing and ultimately served to humiliate GIbson more than anything else. However, the depths of Gibson’s recently-aired, rage-filled rants has created a public perception that the guy’s pretty inhuman, and I do believe that his future box office receipts will suffer greatly (not that The Beaver had much pull in the first place).

Of course, Stone’s trademarked “controversial” stance upon every conceivable subject shoudn’t come as much as a surprise. After all, he did recently sided with Hitler & Stalin, although I do suppose that Gibson (racist and proud of it) would be honoured to share such dubious company. Unfortunately for Stone, my desire to watch Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps — despite any amount of freeballing on the part of Shia LeBeouf and obvious Godfather vibe — has completely dissapated. So, let’s teach Oliver Stone a little lesson for the first time in his entire career, shall we?



Well, call me shallow but Mel’s big draw for me was his physical beauty. He’s not only aged really really badly but knowing what a psycho he is has made him that much uglier to me. Frankly, I don’t want to look at him anymore.

07.22.10 | 3:29 pm

“. . . has created a public perception that the guy’s pretty inhuman.”

Just the opposite, actually. Or maybe I should say, unfortunately.

07.22.10 | 3:52 pm

With regard to the Mel tapes… I still say something stinks in suburbia.

After seeing photos of a very professional makeup job designed to make it look like the chick had two black eyes and seeing her supposedly broken teeth yet no trauma whatsoever to her soft tissues, methinks something funny is going on. If he did hit her, he needs to go to jail (and have his ass beat). But something about his completely unhinged nature on those tapes reads to me like someone who has been tormented to the point that they’ve lost all ability to reason.

As for Oliver Stone; I’m sure an endorsement by him means about as much to Mel Gibson as would Perez Hilton’s.

07.22.10 | 7:44 pm

You must be another of Mel’s paid posters.

07.23.10 | 3:29 pm

And I take it, Jeri, that you are someone incapable of independent thought.

07.23.10 | 5:04 pm

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