One More For The Nightmare Rumour Bank

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Not too long ago, casting rumours suggested that Billy Bob Thornton might pull on the striped sweater of Freddy Krueger. That seemed rather plausible, but this tidbit is pure sacrilege. As the bearer of (hopefully highly unlikely) bad tidings, Starpulse asks, Will Robert De Niro Play Freddy Krueger?

After new versions of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and next week’s Friday the 13th ramped up, with a new Child’s Play still in the works, it was only a matter of time before A Nightmare on Elm Street joined the club.

Brad Fuller, who produced the Texas and Friday reboots, is working on Nightmare. He said the interest in the juicy Freddy Krueger role is so high that he’s even getting calls from A-listers. Could Robert De Niro go method acting on your dreams?

“You talkin’ to me?” Fuller joked. “I didn’t say it because I’m happy that Robert De Niro wants to play Freddy Krueger. It’s not that. I’m excited that there are actors of a great quality who are interested in stepping into those [shoes].”

Okay, I do realize that De Niro’s name came up as a purely speculative example of the “great quality” of actors interested in the Kreuger role. Still, it’s just so fucking wrong to even mention De Niro in association with the desecration of what’s already a total schlockfest. Gahhhhh!

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