One of These Women Is Kind of a Skank

By Mr. Atoz in Billy Corgan, Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani

Courtney and Gwen

Courtney Love is out and about promoting Nobody’s Daughter, her first album in not nearly long enough more than ten years, and she’s doing what she does best–i.e., making people wish that she’d stop talking and go someplace far, far away. Monday she was on the Howard Stern show, where she overshared about her ongoing feud with Billy Corgan, an alleged lesbian encounter with an unnamed supermodel back in the 1990s, and her affair with Gavin Rossdale:

“But the thing is that everyone gave me so much sh*t because Gavin sounded like a lot like Kurt, and everyone gave me a lot of sh*t. But man he was such an Adonis in his day,” she told Howard. “He got good in bed… something happened, maybe Gwen taught him for all I know.”

“You were [having sex] him while he was with Gwen Stefani?” Howard asked. “Yes,” Courtney claimed, saying Gwen was aware of their past relationship. “She does know.”

The news here isn’t that Courtney Love is a drug-addled skank who comes off like an ever-so-slightly upscale version of Tila Tequila. More significant is the news that Gavin Rossdale has atrocious taste in women. Honestly, cheating on Gwen Stefani with Courtney Love is like Jesse James philandering with that Tits McGee freakshow. And Courtney’s claim that Gwen was okay with the arrangement is simply implausible. Courtney Love’s vagina must be like a hideous living Petri dish brimming with STDs, and letting your partner do the nasty with her would be like knowingly sharing your marriage bed with the Ebola virus and flesh-eating bacteria. Of course, I say that with the utmost respect.


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