Resolving The Pesky Megan Fox Implant Issue

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Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

We’ve often referred to the bizarre phenomenon that is Megan Fox’s cleavage, which seems to always be present yet, inexplicably, remain as wide as the Nine-Mile Canyon. Boobs don’t just naturally do that, so the question of whether Fox has received implants has arisen. Luckily, Fox herself clues us in with a few offhand remarks that are buried within her recent New York Times profile:

Fox looked over at a pair of silicone breast enhancers lying on a side table next to her phone. They resembled raw, skinless chicken cutlets. “Do I need to bring my boobies to ‘S.N.L.’?” Fox asked. Sloane Zelnick thought for a second. “It’s just going to be a read-through. You don’t need boobies for a read-through.” Fox picked them up and put them down. “I like a job that doesn’t require my boobies,” she said.

Chicken cutlets? Sounds, uh, quite appetizing.


The only thing real about that girl (I think) are those pretty eyes. She even implied the other day that her entire personality that she shows the media isn’t really her… which I’m not sure I believe. The slutty part I suppose she could be making up to, er, titillate us. The dopey, superficial twit part, not so much.

11.13.09 | 12:43 pm
I R A Darth Aggie

Dude, colored contacts.

11.13.09 | 2:21 pm

It’s possible, but I’m pretty good at spotting them.

11.13.09 | 9:08 pm

Implants, Lisa? Or implOOnts?

11.14.09 | 11:33 am

Soooooooo beautiful! Such lovely eyes!

11.22.09 | 1:34 pm

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