Robert Pattinson Really Needs an Intervention

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Each day, I find myself even more thoroughly disgusted with that Twilight emo-vampire, Robert Pattinson, who, by his own admission, hasn’t washed his hair in six weeks. How revolting. It’s not like we haven’t tried to help the bloke by inducting him into the Bedhead Hall of Shame, and, in response, Rob covered that shit up instead of hitting the shower. Seriously, I can’t remember feeling this way about a dude since Bono hit the U.S. mainstream in the “With Or Without You” video. (As an aside, exactly why is Bono holding a guitar in that video, anyway?)

It’s Called Shampoo. Use it.

I must say though that the leprechaun-like paparazzo (in one of the shots below) is rather fetching.

Robert Pattinson Bedhead Hall of ShameRobert Pattinson Bedhead Hall of ShameRobert Pattinson Bedhead Hall of ShameRobert Pattinson Bedhead Hall of Shame

Somewhat Related: The Original Emo Boy (who steals the title from the insufferable Morrissey)

Imagery: Bauer-Griffin & WIMB


Do me a favor this week and write something about a celebrity I have heard of.

12.01.08 | 10:36 am

Yeah, okay. Lemme see if Christopher Walken has done anything lately besides a ping-pong movie.

12.01.08 | 11:00 am

[...] Robert Pattinson needs an Intervention, or not. Just let him die [...]

12.01.08 | 2:52 pm

[...] Robert Pattinson is disgusting. yeah, I said it -Agent Bed Head [...]

12.01.08 | 9:56 pm

I am not sure how a guy can shower without washing his hair – technically – How does it work? I can’t picture it. So the only option left is that not only hasn’t he washed his hair but hasn’t showered either in 6 weeks.

Repulsive is about right.

12.02.08 | 5:55 am

How about Buster Keaton? It seems like he’s never in the news these days.

12.02.08 | 11:45 am

Sweetheart, how about a little pimpage for my boy Mick? His new flick comes out in January, and if it turns a profit, I may be able to move him out of my shed and into a nice efficiency.

It’s worth a C-note to me.

Don’t forget my Christmas ham.

12.02.08 | 11:48 am

Have you people never been to Europe? It’s not a bastion of personal hygiene. I’m actually kind of glad that he’s not letting all this crap go to his head and he’s remaining true to himself–a dirty Brit.

12.02.08 | 3:03 pm

I want a job where I can run around with a $3000 camera while dressing like a homeless person.

And get paid for it! That’s the part I’m always forgetting.

12.03.08 | 3:24 am


hey! That’s not very nice!

Just because some Brit actors/singers don’t wash much (actually, I can only think of this guy and Whinehouse, oh and apparently Ginger Spice used to honk), that doesn’t mean we all smell. Brits shower and deoderise and have dental hygiene, just like Yanks.

12.03.08 | 5:14 am

This boy really loves his homeless man hat. Must be trying to settle a trend or something.

12.18.08 | 8:08 am

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