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Sasha GreySasha Grey

Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, which features porn-star-slash-serious-actress Sasha Grey as a high-class escort, premiered yesterday at the Tribeca film festival. These days, it seems that everyone wants to get their kit off for Mister Soderbergh, so one wonders how the director settled upon Miss Grey. In an interview with Time Out New York, Soderbergh curiously likened the role of a prostitute to that of a film director. He also described his previous observations of Grey, during her “more gonzo” porn work, as “constantly doing a kind of mind meld with the camera.” Speaking of mind melds, Sasha Grey returns to her, uh, dubious roots as a sexed-up vulcan in This Ain’t Star Trek XXX, a Hustler-produced spoof:

[T]here will be two alien babes. One, played by Jenna Hayes, is human-looking apart from her slinky Barbarella-esque outfit. The other is a Vulcan, played by Steven Soderbergh actress Sasha Grey. Grey’s character is struck with a “rare form” of Pon Farr, the Vulcan mating drive, and has to have sex with Captain Kirk in the Transporter Room — she just has to. And for Kirk, this is an opportunity to work out his issues with Vulcans after years of being frustrated with Mr. Spock. He can finally have sex with a Vulcan, but he finds that his frustrations with Vulcan logic persist even during their hookup.

Oh, and Mr. Spock doesn’t have green sperm in this film, unlike in some of the other porn films.

But the answer to the question you’re most anxiously asking — does Kirk look up and scream “Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!” during this film — is yes. He does. And Khan also yells “Kiiiiiiiiirk!” back. By the way, Evan Stone, who plays Kirk, doesn’t consciously do a William Shatner impression. But Stone, according to Krypton, already sounds like Shatner most of the time. He has a “cadence and a dramatic flair” that are quite Shatner-esque. He may ramp it up a bit for this film, but he doesn’t need much to seem Shatnerian.

Bloody hell, that is one highly disturbing last paragraph. At any rate, Vulcans do seem like they’d be rather repressed and incredibly irritating even in their most compromising positions, unlike Klingons, whose combative mating rituals sound pretty damn hilarious. Good times, mates.

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I R A Darth Aggie

Well, in that case she can mind-meld with me any time she wants.

Well, after her test results are back…

04.29.09 | 5:49 pm

Ha! This morning, in the name of research, I dug up a random 25 minute film of hers.

Holy crap, she does everything, and I mean everything.


04.29.09 | 6:22 pm

Yes. Yes she does.

04.30.09 | 3:53 am

don’t know her, but she’s hot.

05.01.09 | 5:02 am

But is she bendy?

05.01.09 | 6:30 am

I am looking forward to The Girlfriend Experience and yes, Sasha does do everything.

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05.03.09 | 11:36 am

[...] Kirk finally gets it on with a Vulcan (AgentBedhead) [...]

05.05.09 | 1:37 am

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