Slash Quits Guns N Roses, Joins Team Coco

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Slash on Team Coco

(And yeah, I’m just skipping over that whole Velvet Revolver interlude.) Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash appeared on the Tonight Show last night to promote his new solo album’ which has been getting decent but mixed reviews. All the same, it’s possible he was less than thrilled with the venue. When he performed at the end of the show, it was hard not to notice the rocker was sporting an “I’m with Coco” pin. NBC did notice and did their best to avoid camera shots that included peripheral areas like Slash’s chest, but that proved to be a little harder than cutting out Presley’s hips back in the days of Ed Sullivan.

So, Leno is the supposed victor in the Late Night Wars, but he’s so widely reviled he has guests promoting his rival on his own freakin’ show. Meanwhile, Conan is about to embark on a 30-city tour that’s effectively sold out, and his internet presence is taking off in a big way. It looks like Conan might have the last laugh after all. Actually, if he gets any laughs he’ll be doing a lot better than Leno these days.

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04.07.10 | 10:16 pm

I like Leno. Conan needs to stop being such a whiny bitch. The last couple of years of his show DID suck. I’d have had a lot more respect for him if he’d had a little more dignity over the whole thing. It’s not like he’s not talented and can’t start another successful show on another venue. Or that someone took his millions upons millions and now he’s broke.

The reason some people “hate” Leno is that he comes across as more of a conservative.

And the reason Conan’s ratings dropped so much was because he dedicated the last two years of his show to hating George Bush and catering to the Cindy Sheehan type people. It was his own fault.

You can’t turn your show into a political tool and then expect everyone to agree with you because gosh darnnit, you are just so damned awesome.

04.08.10 | 11:44 am

Mebbe. I don

04.08.10 | 1:04 pm

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