Slashing The Scares Out Of Horror Films

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So, what would happen if the MPAA decided to totally lose its generally levelheaded approach and required horror films to go G-rated? You’re looking at it, bitches.

Upon seeing this revised poster for The Strangers (read my review of the actual film), I am somewhat ashamed to admit to a fit of uncontrollable giggles for many reasons, not the least of which was last month’s unrepentant beheading of Elmo. Seriously, if you enjoy getting scared shitless in a theater and haven’t seen The Strangers, you’re really missing out on a terrific film. Hell, I still can’t walk past a window at night without freaking out. Shiver.

Back to the snickers at hand, those creative folks at gathered up a decent range of altered posters for such “Director’s Mother’s Cut” versions of horror films. Some of the more amusing ones are below, but many more are worth a perusal if you so desire.

G-Rated HorrorG-Rated HorrorG-Rated HorrorG-Rated Horror

See more of these poster mods in the relevant gallery at


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06.27.08 | 9:42 am

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06.27.08 | 5:01 pm

The Strangers really was excellent, and was made even more powerful by my long-standing crush on Liv Tyler.

06.28.08 | 2:53 am

Awesome review. I agree that horror films have been a major disappointment for years now. Is it really based on a true story or is it just standard spin?

06.28.08 | 9:08 pm

From :

The Strangers was loosely based on various home invasion murders, including The Manson Murders, and based upon an Austrian couple that was murdered by three teenagers in their vacation home in The Czech Republic.

The True Story Behind the New Movie “The Strangers” is a mixture of three stories.

The killers, a principle male assailant and female accomplices, is based upon Charles Manson and the Manson killings.

The frantic “there’s blood everywhere” 911 phone call and “bounding to a chair and stabbing” was based on the killings in Cabin 28.

The basic story of a couple being terrorized by a group of people was based on the famous killing in the Czech Republic, which was also made into a French Film titled Ils, translated to mean “Them.”

06.29.08 | 3:14 am

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