So Much to Hate, So Little Prime Time

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Snooki and Kim Kardashian

Thursday the CW will be unveiling its list of shows for the upcoming 2010-2011 television season. This promises to be all kinds of not very interesting, mostly because a) it’s going to be a list of television shows, and b) nobody watches the shows on CW anyway. But there is one standout on the list, a show that sounds like it’s aimed right up my demographic alley. H8R will feature guest celebrities who are widely reviled (i.e., most of them) and pair them up with their most passionate anti-fans. It’s an interesting concept, maybe even a little risky, and not without a few potential problems:

[T]he real question here long-term is going to be whether or not this series can have any sort of long-term viability — not only would you have to find celebrities famous enough that people would want to watch, but also “haters” who walk the line perfectly between having disdain and being psychotic.

The pilot will feature the two pixies above, which means they’re off to an undeniably strong start. Personally, I think the real problem here will be the focus on “reconciliation”—the part where the star explains that he or she’s just a regular person, with regular feelings, and you shouldn’t get all, like, judgmental over their drinking and screwing and stealing and fighting or whatever. That part will get boring fast. CW could do just fine if they picked a whole series of “h8rs” each week, lined them up, and gave them each a chance to deliver one face-punch to that week’s guest. With a format like that, Snooki alone could keep me nailed to the couch through the May sweeps.


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[...] When duckfaces collide! Kim Kardashian and Snooki prepare to ruin popular entertainment for a generation. (AgentBedhead) [...]

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