So Tasty I’d Eat It Right Off the Floor

By Mr. Atoz in Hasselhoff, Weird Ass Novelties

The Hoff and the Hoffsicle

If you’ve ever wanted to lick David Hasselhoff all over, then—for the love o’ Mike, don’t tell me about it. Seriously, I really don’t need images like that cluttering up my head. But if that’s your thing, then your moment has arrived. Del Monte Iced Refreshments has decided to celebrate National Ice Cream Month by creating the Hoffsicle. The raspberry-flavored confection is shaped entirely too much like You Know Who, to my way of thinking, and it quickly earned The Hoff’s seal of approval. “Like me,” he proclaimed, “it might take a licking but it keeps on ticking.”

There’s also a video, which will please anyone who isn’t a female living in London and make anyone who is think twice about the Hoff threat level before they plan their shopping expeditions. Yes, you will have to go to Britain if you want to taste the Hoff. (And I would encourage you to do so. Preferably for good.) Apparently Britons, like Germans, love David Hasselhoff. And, let’s face it, the man is not without a certain intrigue. Over the past several years, his career has evolved from the merely cheesy to the baroquely cheesy. It’s like Hasselhoff hit fifty and decided to celebrate the occasion by having his shame glands surgically removed.


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06.08.11 | 11:19 pm

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