Some Things Are Too Weird For Even Fox Mulder

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After our last update on the madness of Scientology, I took the time to watch the entirety of Jason Beghe’s interview. While the whole thing has yet to be transcribed in its entirety, this particular portion was amusing enough that I’m making a verbatim attempt to relate Beghe’s story of how David Duchovny reacted to the lore of Scientology:


My best friend… he came to my school in 9th grade… I saw him, and I said, you know something? You and I are gonna be friends. I think that’s the first thing I ever said to him… He’s a big famous actor now and an amazing guy… David Duchovny. Our relationship was adversely affected by my being in Scientology. He was very cool, you know, but, he wasn’t into it. He never gave me any fucking thing about it, you know, but, uh, and I think his wife… I perceived that, you know, she was a little bit more like (makes a “back off” motion)… and they were right, but everybody in Scientology, [they] said, well, he’s an 1/1 SP, okay? In other words, trying to destroy my relationship with him, and it affected our relationship. 1/1 is a definition. It’s “covertly hostile”…

When I got out, one of the first people I went to go see was David… we live in the same city. So, I went over to his house… we were just walking around… so we started to talk just a little bit about, like, the OT levels and stuff like that, you know, and he doesn’t watch “Southpark” or whatever. I started to explain to him the story about Xenu and the royal officers, I tell you, fuck me (laughs), I mean, I couldn’t get my way 1/3 of the way through the story, and we had our faces on the floor, we were laughing so hard. I mean, you couldn’t even talk because it was just so… it’s retarded. It’s insane.

Of course, Duchovny has walked in Fox Mulder’s shoes, so he’s used to alien-related weirdness. However, insanity is an entirely different matter! You can see this particular portion of Jason Beghe’s interview below, or go here for the whole schbang in its eight-segmented entirety.

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I watched the whole thing. Beghe is rough around the edges (there’s a lot of profanity and some-not-particularly-coherent bits) but he does get across just how deranged and insular Scientology is. Even the fact that now, a year after he left, he cannot stop using all these ridiculous acronyms and doesn’t even seem to be aware that he’s doing it, underscores just how weird a mindset exists inside the organization.

I also couldn’t help thinking, while watching it, that he’s probably going to need those dogs he has outside. Maybe some more dogs. With frickin’ lasers on their heads, as the saying goes.

What he’s done is either brave or stupid. He says he doesn’t want to upset people, which is either disingenuous or naive. This is going to infuriate people high in the org. I imagine we’ll hear he’s been sued for putting the video out, and I wish there was a way to download it…

04.23.08 | 5:45 pm

Yes, I thought the same thing about those dogs. I think the logic is that if something happens to him, everyone will know who did it.

Still, if he’s gone, it’s sort of hard to take advantage of that proof.

04.23.08 | 6:57 pm

I think he is probably too high-profile to risk doing him physical harm, but I have a feeling he may find himself dragged into court repeatedly until he has no money left, and I also expect you’ll hear people start saying things to the press that call his mental state into question.

04.23.08 | 8:58 pm

I wish everyone would stop being scared of the scientologists, this is how they gain power. We have scientologists here in Israel, no one is scared to upset them, and no one is scared to question them. The news talk about how destructive the cult is, They got a reporter to join the cult undercover and take a few courses to see what’s going on.

And the police are keeping a very close eye on them. There are laws in Israel against trying to convert people, if the state of Israel recognizes scientology as a religion, they’ll close down all they’re facilities. They also have an organization here, with a fake name, fighting psychiatry of course. If it’s so ridiculous, if it’s insane, then why is everyone afraid of them?

p.s. this made me like David Duchovny even more :)

04.24.08 | 6:15 am

I think the reason people are afraid of them in the US and not other places is that we have a whole lot more of them here, and they have a lot of money. They also exploit loopholes in our legal system (which it sounds like do not exist in Israel; be thankful) to harass people who criticize them.

04.24.08 | 8:48 am


04.24.08 | 9:09 am

The interview was fascinating. I think where Jason lapses into incoherence, it’s an artifact of Scientology. The guy said even they couldn’t define Clear; now he’s trying to discuss Clear and OT class 5 and Auditing but he can’t. It sounds like he’s babbling because that’s all it is. None of it means anything. I listened to Tom Cruise’s interview when it was available and kept looking on the internet to figure out what the hell OTs and SPs are but I haven’t figured it out to this day. It’s like reading one of those fakey liberal arts thesis papers.

04.24.08 | 11:27 am

Also, I’m really bad at getting the dishes done. Does anybody know if there’s a waiting list for one of these Sea Org slaves?

04.24.08 | 11:42 am
Susan A Jones

OT’s are representative of the level you have reached in their teaching The higher the number the higher up you are. SP’s are “suspicious people” and ones who believe in scientology should not associate with.

11.25.09 | 1:47 am

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