South Park Takes On Snooki

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It's A Jersey Thing

Last night, Trey Parker and Matt Stone unleashed their latest “South Park” episode, “It’s a Jersey Thing,” upon the masses of unsuspecting guidos. It was an unprecedented strike against a subculture that, apparently, has taken over everything east of the Mississipi River. In the words of Kyle, “It seems like all people from Jersey do are hump and punch each other.” The full episode is now available to watch (and free) at

Poor “The Situation” has had a rough week. First, he gets eliminated from “Dancing with the Stars.” Then, he and his kindred are ridiculed on “South Park.” Actually, it’s probably been one of the best weeks of his life. Even if that’s not the case, he can always go lick his wounds in the corner and maybe count his ab muscles for awhile.


They were quite mean to Snooki.

10.14.10 | 7:41 pm

I found their characterization of Snooki to be hilarious and pretty well deserved…guess that makes me a horrible person.
Let’s put it this way: when someone mentions the name Snooki or of any the other troglodytes on that show, my response should be, “Who the %$&* is that?”. Instead, I have the misfortune of being aware of the existence of these pinheads, even though I’ve never seen the show. These mouthbreathers need to return to obscurity immediately, where I can be blissfully unaware of their meaningless existence.

10.15.10 | 12:14 pm

[...] South Park sullies its own name and parodies Jersey Shore [Agent Bedhead] [...]

10.17.10 | 7:49 pm

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