Tarantino to Star in Avatar Sequel, Sort of

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Tarantino and Smurf

The rainbow-colored mystery (okay, mostly blue) that is the Smurfs movie continues to deepen. Granted, a Smurfs movie sounds like a perfectly awful idea right out of the box. But then came news that Alan Cumming had somehow been convinced to play the voice of Gutsy Smurf, while Neil Patrick Harris would play some mysterious non-Smurf entity. So maybe this won’t suck, right?

Of course, then we learned that Katy Perry would play Smurfette, which moved the project right back into the “this might just suck after all” category. But now it’s rumored that Quentin Tarantino will Smurf up as Brainy Smurf, who’s some sort of cuddly blue version of Karl Rove for Papa Smurf. What’s next? Javier Bardem as Gargamel? Then again, maybe the role will go to Vin Diesel. It’s anyone’s guess where this movie is headed.


This could be completely awful and I will have to go see it anyway.

And I actually fully support Katy Perry as Smurfette. I always had my suspicions about her … I mean, all alone, all those smurfs, I bet she didn’t get much sleep.

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