Tasty Waves and a Pissed Off Bud (Updated Again)

By Bedhead in Tasty Waves

She can’t nag when her mouth’s full. Such a true statement. (Seven Inches Of Sense)

Ravishingly gorgeous stars get snapped without makeup. (Popbytes)

La Lohan racks up her fourth automobile accident in 18 months. (Spank Cheeks)

Third-world orphans are way cooler than domestic ones. (Celebitchy)

And now for the fun part….

Emails and random comments have been to the effect that I’m not posting enough lately. Excuse me, but those who have qualified themselves to judge the presence of “lameness” can just fuck off.

If and when you contribute financially to this website out of your own pocket, then you may legitimately complain that I’m not amusing in the frequency you would prefer. Otherwise, I have no obligation to the whiners, per se. This blog makes enough money to stay afloat with the hosting and bandwidth costs, which doesn’t even touch the amount of time that Phin, Mr. Atoz, and myself put into the joint. If you truly need to be entertained more than the collective gossip blogs provide, perhaps you should invest in some pr0n.

Just for the record, including this post, I’ve published seventeen posts in the past week – a holiday week - and that’s just not enough? Go get a fucking life.

UPDATE: Equally bitchy sister Beth has dubbed these sentiments as The Law™ and further suggests, “Consider it an intertubes universal law.”

UPDATE DEUX: One of the sorta bitchy LLama Butchers drafts Rule #3 For Fight Club.

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