The Greatest Spike Jonze Movie of all Time. Of! All!! TIME!!!

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Kanye barfing

Where the Wild Things Are topped the weekend box office, which is real nice news for Mr. Jonze and all. But let’s not forget that, as usual, the real story is all about Kanye West. Jonze and Kanye have been collaborating on a short film project for several months now, and the result hit teh interwebz on Wild Thing‘s opening weekend. Originally the film was planned as an extended video for one of the tracks on 808 and Heartbreak. Instead, it’s an 11-minute stand-alone short, featuring bits and pieces of “See You in My Nightmares.” The full-length version was quickly taken down, for various contractual reasons, but you can see nearly the whole thing here on YouTube. (Might be NSFW, depending on how your workplace feels about sex, violence, vomiting, couch-humping, and Kanye West in nearly every freakin’ frame. You might want to play it safe and stick with MTV’s detailed outline of the movie.)

A capsule review: Kanye turns out to have a real gift for playing a drunken, overbearing lout, and we can expect to see him exploring this persona in future public appearances. Moreover, any movie that shows Kanye hacking himself open with a bowie knife gets an automatic four stars in my book. Unfortunately (SPOILER ALERT!), the movie ends on a thoroughly downbeat note: Kanye survives the experience.


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10.19.09 | 6:45 pm

He took it down!!!

“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Kanye West.”

10.20.09 | 5:29 am

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11.27.09 | 12:24 am

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