These Are the Worst Smoothies Ever

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Barbies in blenders

The Plaza Athenée hotel in Paris is hoping to make money off clients with an unwholesome love for Barbie. Life being what it is, the world is probably full of people like that, and so their evil scheme will most likely work. For the rest of us, today is the one day each year when you can fight back by observing National Barbie-in-a-Blender Day. The holiday was created several years ago after Mattel failed to win a preliminary injunction against Utah artist Tom Forsythe that would prevent him from photographing Barbies in various unpleasant situations (like the above photo), and it’s been celebrated ever since by some rather marginal characters.

BuzzFeed has compiled a set of YouTube videos in honor of the occasion, featuring all sorts of violent ends to Barbie’s plastic imitation of life. You might find some inspiration there, if you’d like to plan your own celebration. But no high explosives, please. That’s more of a really drunken Fourth of July thing.


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