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geeksCalling all Trekkies: at last, here’s your chance to win fame, fortune, and a chance to meet hot Hollywood chicks with green skin and pointy ears. Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot Studios, producers of the next Star Trek film, are holding an open casting call in Burbank this Saturday. Extras hoping to play cadets should be “young, fresh-faced,” while military types should be “thin, regal talent with BROWN or BLACK hair AND are OK with their eyebrows being shaved from the arch outward to portray a Vulcan-type eyebrow shape.” Hey, you have to sacrifice for your art.

Don’t stay home just because terms like “young, fresh-faced” or “thin, regal” don’t do justice to your particular brand of unconventional good looks. They might still be looking for you:

Talent with interesting and unique facial features such as: long necks, small heads, extremely large heads, wide-set eyes, bug eyes, close-set eyes, large forehead, short upper lip, pronounced cheekbones, over- or undersized ears and/or nose, . . .

The press release adds that they’re also seeking extras with “other visually unique characteristics,” including “ultra perfect-looking people” and “pure wholesome looks,” but at some point these people have got to be realistic. Burbank this weekend is going to look like the 2001 Philadelphia WorldCon on mescaline.

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I R A Darth Aggie

My head just exploded. Didn’t even get a chance to spin around. Makes posting a bit of a challenge. Good thing I learned touch typing, back in the day…

11.07.07 | 3:55 pm
I R A Darth Aggie

Oh, and I’m sending you the cleaning bill.

11.07.07 | 3:57 pm

We try to take our readers’ sensibilities into account, Darth Aggie. Hope the new pic is easier on the eyes.

11.07.07 | 4:53 pm

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11.07.07 | 6:42 pm
I R A Darth Aggie

Fortunately for you, Atoz, Seven-of-Nine was able to fabricate me a cybernetic head, so I now can see again. As well as in several different frequency bandwidths.

11.08.07 | 7:57 am

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11.08.07 | 5:18 pm


Don’t change a thing, babe, you’re a star. From the casting call for the next Star Trek film: Talent with interesting and unique facial features such as: long necks, small heads, extremely large heads, wide-set eyes, bug eyes, close-set eyes,……

11.09.07 | 9:36 am

Star Trek: The Llama Generation?

11.09.07 | 10:28 am

You just know Shatner will try to get into the movie this way.

“But I AM … young … handsome … talented, andmuchmorebesides.”

11.09.07 | 11:34 am

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