Tony Danza is Stickin' Around

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Tony DanzaTony Danza

Thanks to Defamer for reminding us that Tony Danza turns 57 years old today. In addition to all that birthday jazz, we’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mister Danza for inspiring one of the funniest Urban Dictionary entries ever. Ever!

As a side note, I’m not certain of the origins of the above autographed image from yesteryear, but it appears that Tony is wearing a baseball jersey for the “Narcanon All Stars” team. How interesting.

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At first glance I thought for sure it was a Gatorade shirt and the Narconon thing was photoshopped on. But the bolt is slightly wrong (though close).

Sounds like it could be for real:

Celebrities and other notables giving their names and public drawing power to aid in Narconon fundraising events, as with the many “Narconon All-Stars” softball games in Hollywood, stunt shows, etc.

04.21.08 | 9:53 pm

Yep, Scientology again. Although a lot of “stars” are duped by the “oh I’m doing something for drug abuse” and the method was to get the organization as mainstreamed as possible. It’s a Scientology front group.

Narconon has been declared ineffectual by a European Union study, and it is being looked at for tons of fraudulent statistics here in the US. There’s just no data available to support any claims. Zero.

You can’t cure drug abuse with saunas and vitamins. End of story.

04.22.08 | 4:51 am

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04.22.08 | 10:24 am

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04.22.08 | 7:29 pm

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